UNK going toe-to-toe for Loper students in crisis

KEARNEY – The University of Nebraska at Kearney and University of Nebraska Foundation are launching the Lopers Going Toe-To-Toe crowdfunding campaign to support Loper students in crisis.

Running April 18-28, the giving effort encourages participants to make a gift to the UNK Student Scholarship Crisis Fund. Gifts of any amount can be made, with gifts of $30 or more qualifying for a complimentary pair of Loper socks. Gifts may be made online at fundraise.nufoundation.org/toetotoe.

For college students in crisis, emergency funds are a lifeline. The UNK Student Scholarship Crisis Fund provides emergency assistance to currently enrolled students facing extenuating circumstances that could jeopardize their education. Those circumstances could include the loss of a family member, loss of residence, serious personal illness, loss of income or another personal emergency.

The polka dot socks, designed in UNK blue and gold with the Loper mascot, were created exclusively for this event.

“Some students are faced with emergencies that disrupt their education. Having funds available quickly to pay a utility or medical bill or a car repair can mean the difference for that student between dropping out or completing their education,” said Kelly Bartling, vice chancellor for enrollment management and marketing. “UNK is working hard to keep tuition affordable and to provide food and educational materials free to students in need, but there are many times throughout the academic year when students need some help paying their bills because of unplanned expenses. Your generosity to this fund can be life changing.”

Participants can give and follow the event’s progress at the Lopers Going Toe-To-Toe website through April 28. The campaign goal is to raise $15,000. Donor gifts will allow UNK to help more students in need continue on their path to graduation.