Meet a Loper Graduate: Ty Eggen appreciates the relationships he developed at UNK

Ty Eggen understands the value of campus involvement. He calls it “extremely impactful” for students.

“I’ve had the chance to build relationships with professors, industry professionals and other students at UNK,” Eggen said. “In each of these cases, the friendships and connections I have built, especially with people within my fields of study, have been among the most meaningful and sustained relationships I’ve made at UNK and provided a significant support system.”

The Waterloo native was part of the Thompson Scholars Learning Community, UNK Men’s Project, Supply Chain Management Organization, Model United Nations and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. He also studied abroad in the Czech Republic and represented his fraternity as a homecoming royalty finalist in 2022.

Eggen graduates summa cum laude next week with bachelor’s degrees in political science and business administration with a supply chain management emphasis. After commencement, he’ll return to the Omaha area to work for DMSi, which provides software solutions and digital tools for building materials suppliers.

“I chose this career path from the guidance I have received from my UNK professors and advisers, along with the widespread exposure UNK has given me to businesses in the industry,” he said. “Whether it be career fairs, classroom visits or organizational events, the university provides students with countless opportunities to network with organizations in their fields of study. Further, doing several internships throughout my time at UNK has made the transition to a professional career very seamless and helped me narrow my plans after college significantly.”

What was your most memorable experience at UNK?
There are countless great experiences to reflect on throughout my time as a UNK student, but I think the most memorable would have to be studying abroad my junior year in the Czech Republic. Getting to fully immerse myself in another culture, attend lectures from international professors and travel across Europe, all while connecting with fellow UNK students, made for a semester I will never forget.

Who was the most influential person during your undergraduate career?
I owe several people at UNK sincere gratitude for my successes as an undergraduate student. But when I think of the most influential person, professor Peter Longo comes to mind. Dr. Longo is among the most kind, caring and intelligent people I have had the pleasure of interacting with. Whether it be from attending his insightful lectures, working with him as a research assistant or simply visiting with him during office hours, I cannot say enough about the character and creative thinking of Dr. Longo. He played a central role in helping me become a double major and carve out what I wanted to do after graduation. He truly makes UNK a better place with his genuine concern for UNK students, the community and all others around him.

What’s your favorite thing about UNK?
The faculty and staff have to be the best thing offered by UNK. Not only are the instructors extremely qualified with a deep understanding of what they teach, they are personable and friendly in their interactions with students. The small class sizes have given me the chance to connect with the faculty at UNK, and through this, I have realized the extent to which the faculty wishes for you to succeed.

How about your favorite place on campus?
I would be lying if I didn’t say the Calvin T. Ryan Library, as I have spent countless hours there, often alone, working on papers, projects and coursework. The quiet spaces the library offers have always been a great resource I thoroughly utilized. I am very excited to come back in the years to come and see the new renovations!

If you could go back in time and do something differently, what would it be?
I probably would have gotten connected with professors much earlier in my academic career. Especially since I was an undecided major for my first three semesters, talking to faculty would have given me the chance to learn more about each subject, career choices and other opportunities outside the classroom for experiential learning.

What advice do you have for current and future Lopers?
Get involved within your degree program, whether it be in associated organizations, connecting with other students or going to your professors’ office hours. Doing so will not only make completing your coursework easier, but it will also make it more enjoyable! The community UNK has built is second to none, so reach out to others and build relationships with those around you, especially as an underclassman.

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I have 15 tattoos.