Masks required on campus beginning Jan. 15

UNK’s Chancellor’s Cabinet reports that beginning Jan. 15, all UNK students, faculty, staff and visitors are required to wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth inside classrooms, labs and buildings. This mask policy will remain in effect through Feb. 5.

The policy is meant to protect the operations of the university during the present wave of infection. This decision is based on the continued increase in COVID-19 transmission in the state and county.

The university will continue to review and monitor active cases on campus, in the health department area and Nebraska. UNK’s goal is to lift the policy on Feb. 5 if circumstances warrant.

  • Individuals can work unmasked in offices if they are alone in a room.
  • Face masks are not required to be worn by on-campus residents when in their own rooms, people eating while seated at their tables and athletes during official practices and competitions.
  • Exceptions may be approved for students in learning situations where close contact is required and masks are not feasible. Examples include athletics, music and theatre. Contact for approval.
  • Those participating in university travel will be required to wear masks while in the vehicle with other people.
  • Widespread vaccinations have proven to significantly reduce positive cases of COVID on campus and in the community. The university encourages students and employees to be fully vaccinated.
  • People diagnosed with COVID-19 must be cleared by UNK’s Public Health Center before returning to campus activity. Those in contact with positive-tested or symptomatic individuals must contact the PHC at 308-865-8279 or and may be required to quarantine and be cleared by PHC before resuming campus activity.

New Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines

UNK has changed its isolation and quarantine guidelines to match new guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which now recommends a five-day isolation period from the onset of COVID-19 symptoms instead of 10 days.

Quarantined students, faculty and staff must be fever-free with improving symptoms before returning to campus and class on Day 6. Those in isolation must have improving symptoms before returning on Day 6.

All people returning from quarantine or isolation must wear a mask for five days everywhere on campus, until Day 10.

Students, staff and faculty who are positive (vaccinated or unvaccinated): Isolation

  • Must isolate and stay home for five days.
  • Must monitor and record temperature and symptoms.
  • Must have improving symptoms to return to campus/class, which would be on Day 6.
  • Must submit temperature log on Day 4 to the Public Health Center. May not leave isolation unless log shows symptom improvement.
  • Must wear a mask everywhere on campus for five days after isolation.

Unvaccinated students who have been exposed: Quarantine

  • Must stay at home or in campus room for five days from most recent exposure to a person who tested positive.
  • Must monitor and record temperature and symptoms through Day 5.
  • Must be fever-free to return to campus/class on Day 6.
  • If become symptomatic, must call Public Health Center and schedule a test.
  • Must continue to monitor symptoms and wear a mask for five days after quarantine.
Call the Public Health Center at 308-865-8279 to get testing options in Kearney or on campus.