What do you love about UNK?

On “I Love NU Advocacy Day,” we asked attendees one simple question:

What do you love about UNK?


Adam Schultis, sophomore, political science major, Diller
“I’ve really gotten involved and I really love the community and all my professors. I can go to any one of my professors and they know me and I know them.”





Paul Twigg, professor of biology
“The focus on our students. We put them into everything we do. From our teaching to our research to our service, they’re what we’re about. That’s why I love UNK.”





Makenzie Petersen, junior, 7-12 language arts education major, public law minor, O’Neill
“The biggest thing I love about UNK is the community we have here. It’s one of those things you can’t replicate. When you walk to class, you know five to 10 people and you get to smile and say ‘hi.’ That’s what sets us apart from other institutions.”





Jon Watts, vice chancellor for business and finance
“The people. I love the energy and enthusiasm the students and faculty bring to campus. We also have great leadership that cares about students and always puts them first. It’s just a great place to work.”





Martonia Gaskill, assistant professor of teacher education
“Everything. The colors. The education. The people. The environment. UNK is just the best place to be.”






Gilbert Hinga, dean of student affairs
“The students. I love the students. I love their passion. I love that they’re here at ‘I Love NU Day’ to talk about what we need from the Legislature to continue supporting students.”





Haley Pierce, senior, journalism major, political science minor, West Point
“I love UNK because it’s a community of people supporting each other. Students support each other. Faculty and staff support each other. And faculty and staff support the students. There’s nothing better than being able to walk across campus and smile and say ‘hello’ to people you know.”