UNK seeking its own Nebraska license plate

Loper License Plate RotatorKEARNEY – Fans, alumni, students, faculty and staff of University of Nebraska at Kearney now have another option for their Nebraska license plate – a UNK one.

The university is leading an effort to gather 250 signups for a UNK/Loper specialty plate to give UNK constituents another option to adorn their vehicles. Beginning today, anyone interested in a UNK affinity/organizational license plate can register online at unk.edu/loperplates.

There is a minimum order of 250 required by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles for the production of the plate, so fans will need to declare their interest, put forward the $70 fee and as a group obtain the minimum number before the plate becomes official.

UNK once before attempted an organizational plate, in 2012-13, when the minimum was 500 orders.

“We came close to filling 500 orders, so we’re enthusiastic about the ability to obtain 250,” said Kelly Bartling, assistant vice chancellor for Communications and Community Relations. “Over the past few years we’ve had numerous requests for UNK plates. With the publicity earlier this year about Nebraska’s new plate design, we had even more interest in our plates, which are a beautiful design.”

UNK Communications and Marketing is partnering with Athletics and UNK Alumni to promote the plate signups through social media, in existing publications and at events.

Bartling said a site with “frequently asked questions” is online and viewable at the unk.edu/loperplates website. Information is there about pre-registering: completing the registration form and mailing a check to UNK’s business office for holding in advance of the plate being made available. Questions about the process can go to her, she said, at bartlingkh@unk.edu or by calling 308-865-8455.

To sign up for a UNK Loper license plate, visit: unk.edu/loperplates

More information about organizational license plates is available at http://www.dmv.nebraska.gov/dvr/specialty/organizational.html


Writer: Todd Gottula, Director of Communications, 308.865.8454, gottulatm@unk.edu
Source: Kelly Bartling, assistant vice chancellor Communications and Community Relations, 308.865.8455