Study: UNK a top “cost-efficient” institution

Campus-Beauty-1Inside Higher Education reported in August that the University of Nebraska at Kearney is among the top 20 most cost-efficient public master’s institutions in the country, citing a paper recently published in Research in Higher Education.

Inside Higher EdThe research paper focused on general and educational spending at 252 public master’s institutions using data from 2004-12. Public master’s institutions have roughly a quarter of all higher education enrollments and are important in providing accessibility to under-served and low-income students, the report said.

“UNK often makes the news and other digital media reports because of its success in several key areas. Quality teaching and programs, low cost, low student debt and affordability are often cited,” said Kelly Bartling, UNK’s assistant vice chancellor for Communications and Community Relations. “This study recognizes not only efficiency, but highlights the tremendous value of a degree from UNK — a combination of excellence at an affordable cost that allows broad access to all students.”

The research paper can be accessed here: