Olivia Lawless: Greek community promotes leadership, a ‘life of purpose’

Year: Junior
Hometown: Aurora
Major: Business administration with an emphasis in finance
Sorority: Alpha Phi
Positions: Vice president of finance and housing (Alpha Phi); Treasurer (Order of Omega); Secretary of the treasury (Student Government); President (Future Business Leaders of America)

Why did you join a UNK sorority?
When we graduate, we are devoted to setting out to join a community, small or big, work-based or personal. I knew that Greek Life would encourage me to value community in a new light, which includes incorporating my greatest skills and passions to give back to those who have brought out the best in me. As I step into the professional workforce, I am confident that I will be able to find my groove wherever I am planted, be part of something greater than myself and prioritize a care mindset, which can boost productivity. Greek Life serves as a seamless transition to a life of purpose.

What’s the best part of Fraternity and Sorority Life?
At UNK, members of Fraternity and Sorority Life are relentless leaders, and we are among almost every student organization on campus. The questions we ask inspire more change than we think. Greeks are advocates, not only for the chapters in which they affiliate, but the University of Nebraska System as a whole.

How has Fraternity and Sorority Life impacted your college career?
Fraternity and Sorority Life has allowed me to blend my overlying passion of business with those I call my very best friends. Not only am I surrounded by girls who constantly push me to do better, I, too, am able to extend my growth mindset, cultivated by servant leadership, to those around me. Greek Life introduces a cycle of reaching out and giving back, in terms of both academics and the ultimate college experience. I am honored to be part of this community.

Why should incoming students get involved with Fraternity and Sorority Life?
We are not meant to do this life alone. Instead, I encourage incoming students to join a community that encompasses all that they dream to be. I can say without hesitation that your people are out there waiting to welcome you.