University of Nebraska at Kearney degrees for 210 to be conferred at Friday summer commencement

KEARNEY – Graduate and undergraduate degrees will be conferred for 210 summer graduates at University of Nebraska at Kearney commencement exercises 10 a.m. Friday (Aug. 11) at UNK’s Health and Sports Center.

Candidates for degrees are listed below in three groups: graduates from Nebraska, graduates from across the United States and international graduates.

Students graduating with honors have the honors noted after their names. Honors, along with grade-point averages necessary to earn those honors, include: summa cum laude, 3.90-4.00; magna cum laude, 3.80-3.89; cum laude, 3.70-3.79; and honorable mention, 3.50-3.69.

Undergraduate Degrees
BA – Bachelor of Arts
BAED – Bachelor of Arts in Education
BS – Bachelor of Science
BSED – Bachelor of Science in Education
BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts
BGS – Bachelor of General Studies
BM – Bachelor of Music

Graduate Degrees
EDS – Education Specialist
MA – Master of Arts
MAE – Master of Arts in Education
MS – Master of Science
MSE – Master of Science in Education
MATR – Master of Athletic Training
MBA – Master of Business Administration

Ainsworth NE USA Harley Wilbeck BS Business Administration
Albion NE USA Jeffrey Schwartz EDS School Superintendent
Albion NE USA Keiley Tisthammer BS Applied Health Science Cum Laude
Alliance NE USA Luxie West BS Exercise Science
Bassett NE USA Nicole Ebert MAE School Principalship Pre-K-8
Beatrice NE USA Corey Lorenz MAE Physical Education
Bellevue NE USA Laura Harlan MSE Learning, Design & Technology
Blair NE USA Katheryn Braymen BS Recreation, Outdoor, Event Management Cum Laude
Blair NE USA Chaz Fonda MAE Music Education
Blair NE USA Jessica Kroeger MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Blue Hill NE USA Mackenzie Treat MAE Special Education
Boelus NE USA Amanda Bonczynski MAE Special Education
Cairo NE USA Danielle Hesnault BS Radiography
Carleton NE USA Audrey Parks MAE School Principalship 7-12
Central City NE USA Megan Dubois BAED Art Education
Central City NE USA Ariel Paup MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Ceresco NE USA Courtney Polak MA History
Clarks NE USA Rachelle Reimers BS Health Sciences
Clay Center NE USA Tracy Jarosik MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Cozad NE USA Jessica Bartlett BS Exercise Science
Cozad NE USA Emmily Monrroy MAE Supervisor of Special Education
Dalton NE USA Kenneth Ernest MATR Athletic Training
Davenport NE USA Melinda Kerwood MAE School Principalship Pre-K-8
Deweese NE USA Trace Gordanier BS Business Administration
Elba NE USA Jacob Paczosa MATR Athletic Training
Elm Creek NE USA Rachel Mitchell BGS General Studies
Elwood NE USA Josi Bruning MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Fordyce NE USA Rachel Becker MAE Music Education
Fort Calhoun NE USA Kyle McMahon MAE Physical Education
Fremont NE USA Evan Royuk MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Fremont NE USA Jacob Weston MS Health Sciences
Gibbon NE USA Nathaniel Allan BS Recreation Management Honorable Mention
Gibbon NE USA Devin Stroh BS Industrial Distribution
Gothenburg NE USA Kylie Koehler MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Gothenburg NE USA Logan Koehler MAE Physical Education
Grand Island NE USA Miguel Baeza Aguilera MSE Higher Education Student Affairs
Grand Island NE USA Laura Blomstedt MAE Special Education
Grand Island NE USA Sarah Chandler MS Health Sciences
Grand Island NE USA Kayla Ensz-Darrough BGS General Studies
Grand Island NE USA Maria Gonzalez BS Radiography
Grand Island NE USA Frederic Graves MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Grand Island NE USA Alyssa Mullinix MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Grand Island NE USA Jessica Rios Alvarado MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Grand Island NE USA Carol Wieck MAE Physical Education
Grand Island NE USA Hannah Wilson BSED Communication Disorders Honorable Mention
Grant NE USA Penny Hite MA History
Greeley NE USA Ragan Wood BGS General Studies Summa Cum Laude
Gresham NE USA Alisha Vavra BM Music Education Honorable Mention
Guide Rock NE USA Ashley Wulf MAE Special Education
Hampton NE USA Jacey Klassen BS Family Science
Harrison NE USA Laura Kling MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Hastings NE USA Chloé Callan BS Psychology
Hastings NE USA Dacey Hampton BS Applied Health Science
Hastings NE USA Meghan Kohtz BS Health Sciences
Hastings NE USA Jaimie Reeves BGS General Studies
Hastings NE USA Carrisa Sanchez MSE Speech Language Pathology
Hastings NE USA Dayton Sealey MAE Exercise Science Education
Hayes Center NE USA Matthew Dawkins MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Hildreth NE USA Luke Glenn MAE School Principalship 7-12
Holdrege NE USA Sidain Fernandez BS Criminal Justice
Humphrey NE USA Emily Droescher MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Imperial NE USA Elisha Hinojosa MSE STEM Education
Johnson Lake NE USA Shauna Baker MSE School Counseling Secondary
Kearney NE USA Noah Bartlett BS Sports Management
Kearney NE USA Emily Burkink BS Applied Health Science
Kearney NE USA April Christman MSE STEM Education
Kearney NE USA Samuel Clinch BS Business Administration
Kearney NE USA Mark Honomichl MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Kearney NE USA River Mefferd BA International Studies
Kearney NE USA Beth Montag MSE Learning, Design & Technology
Kearney NE USA Stefanie Neal EDS Counseling Education
Kearney NE USA Abigail Osterholt BS Physical Science
Kearney NE USA Aaron Peterson MAE School Principalship Pre-K-8
Kearney NE USA Alyssa Prososki MAE School Principalship 7-12
Kearney NE USA Haley Schall MAE Kinesiology & Sport Sciences Education
Kearney NE USA Arlene Soria BS Health Sciences
Kearney NE USA Christopher Walkemeyer MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Kearney NE USA Amy Worley MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Kenesaw NE USA Austin Klatt BS Criminal Justice
LaVista NE USA Lauren Kolb MAE Curriculum & Instruction
LaVista NE USA Karolyn Cahill MA History
Lexington NE USA Isabel Arredondo BS Exercise Science Honorable Mention
Lexington NE USA Tessa Eldridge BGS General Studies Summa Cum Laude
Lexington NE USA Kobe Lo MATR Athletic Training
Lexington NE USA Jamie Ticas Flores BSED Communication Disorders
Lincoln NE USA Tristen Colclasure MSE School Counseling Elementary PK-8
Lincoln NE USA Jonathan Killingsworth MAE Kinesiology & Sport Sciences Education
Lincoln NE USA Jacob Leuenberger MSE STEM Education
Lincoln NE USA Amanda Svoboda MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Lyman NE USA Athena Tarin MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Madison NE USA Jason Gonzalez BS Sports Management
Mason City NE USA Marissa Campbell MAE Curriculum & Instruction
McCool Junction NE USA Aundrea Morner MSE STEM Education
Milford NE USA Samantha Cosaert BS Business Administration
Minden NE USA Alexandra Bauer BGS General Studies Cum Laude
Moorefield NE USA Diana Klein MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Nebraska City NE USA Ellen Wulf MSE STEM Education
Neligh NE USA Whitney Bentley MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Newport NE USA Debby Linse MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Norfolk NE USA Sara Jones MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Norfolk NE USA Joshua Springer MSE STEM Education
North Platte NE USA Wyatt Brown BS Organizational & Relational Communication
North Platte NE USA Nicole Bruck MSE Learning, Design & Technology
North Platte NE USA Jeffrey Hoatson MAE Curriculum & Instruction
North Platte NE USA Timothy Vanderheiden EDS School Superintendent
O’Neill NE USA Brandi Eiler MAE Reading PK-12
Omaha NE USA Jill Baker MA English
Omaha NE USA Keegan Case MS Biology
Omaha NE USA Savannah Dannenberg MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Omaha NE USA Morgan Daubert MAE Physical Education
Omaha NE USA AJ Holmes MSE Higher Education Student Affairs
Omaha NE USA Kumiko Hurst BGS General Studies
Omaha NE USA J’Vona Kent BGS General Studies
Omaha NE USA Christina Larson BS Business Administration
Omaha NE USA Alicia Laufenberg MAE Special Education
Omaha NE USA Jennifer Meyer MSE Learning, Design & Technology
Omaha NE USA Nolan Zimmer MAE Special Education
Ord NE USA Brett Hinrichs BS Business Administration
Osmond NE USA Leah Kuhl MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Overton NE USA Carrie Jewett BGS General Studies
Overton NE USA Peyton Zimmerman BS Health Sciences
Peru NE USA Kelsee Sayer BS Early Childhood & Family Advocacy
Potter NE USA Ciera George BSED Communication Disorders Cum Laude
Riverdale NE USA Steven Boldt BM Musical Theatre Honorable Mention
Riverdale NE USA Steven Boldt BA Theatre Honorable Mention
Schuyler NE USA Drey Keairnes MSE Learning, Design & Technology
Schuyler NE USA Jasmin Lopez MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Schuyler NE USA Jennifer Novak MAE Special Education
Seward NE USA Richard Eber MA History
Shelby NE USA Tanner Kuhn MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Shelton NE USA Matthew Walter MAE School Principalship 7-12
Shickley NE USA Kellen Reinsch MATR Athletic Training
Spalding NE USA Valeria Lozano MSE Higher Education Student Affairs
Stanton NE USA Braska Grundmayer MA English
Sutton NE USA MaKayla Kessler BS Psychology Cum Laude
Tryon NE USA Brianna Powers MATR Athletic Training
Utica NE USA Matthew Jensen BS Physics
Utica NE USA Logan Johansen MAE Spanish Education
Utica NE USA Madison Mogee BS Organizational & Relational Communication
Wahoo NE USA Jacob Subbert MAE Special Education
Wayne NE USA Bailey Bentjen MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Wayne NE USA Anna Trautman MAE Spanish Education
West Point NE USA Haley Chambliess BS Criminal Justice Honorable Mention
Winnetoon NE USA Kirstyn Leffler MATR Athletic Training
Wolbach NE USA Kelly Kolar MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Wynot NE USA Shasta Hans MAE Curriculum & Instruction
York NE USA Alexandra Kaiser MAE Special Education
Phoenix AZ USA Dylan Cooper MS Biology
Albany CA USA Christy Gordon Baty MA History
Santa Clara CA USA Sione Taufalele BS Sports Management
Weed CA USA James Brunello Jr. MAE Kinesiology & Sport Sciences Education
Oceanside CA USA Nick Zimmerman MSE Higher Education Student Affairs
Aurora CO USA Jabea Tilong BS Business Administration
Boulder CO USA Johanna Hodge MS Biology
Colorado Springs CO USA Logan Prater MSE Higher Education Student Affairs
Grand Junction CO USA Melissa Gellermann MATR Athletic Training
Greeley CO USA Morgan Stevens BS Business Administration
Parker CO USA Jaren Whitehead BS Exercise Science
North Port FL USA Amy Oettinger BS Business Administration Honorable Mention
Tampa FL USA Andrew Beman-Cavallaro MA History
Atlanta GA USA Skye Zana BS Sociology
Ankeny IA USA Megan Burns BS Exercise Science Summa Cum Laude
Cedar Rapids IA USA Abigail Tanko MS Biology
Chariton IA USA Lisa Spiker MA History
Churdan IA USA Jennifer Nicholson MAE School Principalship Pre-K-8
Davenport IA USA Olenka Crespo MAE Spanish Education
Fort Madison IA USA Gail Kunch MS Biology
Harlan IA USA Joshua Bruck MSE Learning, Design & Technology
Marion IA USA Scott Foens MA History
Oakland IA USA Shelbie Harris BGS General Studies
Chicago IL USA Brandon Williams BS Business Administration
Streator IL USA Hunter Handzus MA History
Indianapolis IN USA Conner McNeely MAE Spanish Education
Fort Leavenwoth KS USA Margaret Merithew MA History
Haysville KS USA Whitney Dawson MAE Art Education
Olathe KS USA Alyson Ramsey MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Salina KS USA John Kuhn MAE Kinesiology & Sport Sciences Education
Spring Hill KS USA Lily Engeman BSED Communication Disorders Summa Cum Laude
Bangor ME USA Paula Kirkpatrick MA English
Carmel ME USA Benjamin Hinton MS Biology
Gaylord MI USA Grace Bishop MS Biology
Austin MN USA Tyler Amick MA History
Detroit Lakes MN USA Kirk McLeod MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Eagle Bend MN USA Skyla Rewitzer MAE Spanish Education
South Saint Paul MN USA Estrellita Sanchez Rivera MAE Spanish Education
Billings MT USA Troy Lawson MS Biology
Wilson NC USA Clyde Shafer III MAE Spanish Education
Jamesville NY USA Brian Fico MS Biology
Byesville OH USA Kaitlyn Stevenson MBA Business Administration
Cuyahoga Falls OH USA Magdalena Downing MS Biology
Navarre OH USA Virginia Cardwell MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Tulsa OK USA Jennifer Sanchez BS Family Science
New Columbia PA USA Stephanie Krell MAE Music Education
Philadelphia PA USA Sonia Chaudhary MS Biology
Inman SC USA Eva Tellez Avalos MAE Spanish Education
Knoxville TN USA Jacob Wike MA History
Morristown TN USA Philip Dotson MA History
Arlington TX USA Dana Suarez MAE Spanish Education
Dallas TX USA Chasney Bass BS Social Work
Flower Mound TX USA Louis Sanchez MS Biology
McKinney TX USA Stephanie Tran MS Biology
Tyler TX USA Candelaria Landrum MAE Spanish Education
Stafford VA USA James Lambert MA English
Spokane WA USA Kortney DeMent BS Social Work
Milwaukee WI USA Emily Skibinski MS Biology
Cheyenne WY USA Thyme Taulaki MS Biology
Newcastle WY USA Jake Whitney MA History
Cuba Henry Garcia MAE Spanish Education
Ecuador Henry Herrera Ormaza MAE Spanish Education
Japan Keiichiro Kawauchi MATR Athletic Training