University of Nebraska inclement weather policy approved

University of Nebraska leaders have approved a new system-wide policy that clarifies pay practices and who is required to work when a major administrative unit is closed because of inclement weather.

The policy applies to all regular, temporary and on-call employees holding non-academic positions across the NU campuses, including employees in administrative, managerial/professional and office/service positions. The policy does not apply to faculty.

Under the policy, in cases of inclement weather closures, employees are grouped into the following categories:

  • Essential employees, such as police officers, dining services staff and snow removal personnel: These employees are expected to report to and work at their assigned worksite during inclement weather. Hourly essential employees will be paid for hours worked and will receive either additional inclement weather pay or banked time off. Salaried essential employees will be paid for their regularly scheduled hours and will receive time off at a later date.
  • Employees with alternative worksite capabilities: Employees who can work from home or at an alternative location as determined by their supervisor are expected to do so and will receive their regular pay for hours worked. Those who are unavailable for work during an inclement weather closure must use vacation or other applicable leave to account for any hours not worked. Employees with alternative worksite capabilities are not eligible for additional inclement weather pay.
  • Other employees: Employees who are not designated as essential during inclement weather or who cannot perform their jobs at an alternative worksite are not required to work during inclement weather. They will be paid for the inclement weather period based on their regular pay.
  • Employees not previously scheduled to work during an inclement weather closure will not receive pay or leave.

Temporary and on-call employees who do not receive leave benefits do not receive inclement weather leave, but if they work during an inclement weather close down, they will be paid for their hours.

The complete policy is available here. Employees may contact UNK Human Resources at 308-865-8888 with questions.