Student body president: Let’s work together so we can stay together

On behalf of UNK Student Government, Vice President Trey Janicek and I are excited to welcome you back to campus this fall.

It’s exciting to see so many familiar and new faces on campus, and we’re grateful for the university’s commitment to bringing us all back together this semester. When education transitioned to remote learning, many of us were separated from our classmates, friends and faculty and staff mentors. United once again, we come together with a greater appreciation of the value of education, camaraderie and collegiate life.

Mindful of the value and superiority of in-person education, we owe a debt of gratitude to administrators, faculty and staff who have worked hard to get us here and continue to endure risks so we can receive this high-quality education. But success does not come without sacrifice, and it’s vital that we continue to promote an environment that fosters a safe and healthy community. Face masks are an important part of our plan to protect the campus and Kearney communities. They are the best tool we have to keep us together on campus.

Whether you are a freshman entering your first year, a senior in your final year, or somewhere in between, required campus safety measures were created so we can all stay together and finish the semester strong. Please encourage your friends and classmates to adhere to these important measures, as well. We all know classmates, professors, friends or family who are at a higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

Wear masks so your friends in athletics can participate this year, so your classmates without high-speed internet at home can complete their degrees with ease, and so your professors can all return and teach next year. Even if you are not wearing a mask to protect yourself, wear one because thousands of students, faculty and staff are wearing one to protect you.

Max Beal
UNK Student Body President and Student Regent