Tech Edge conference focuses on classroom technology


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KEARNEY – A conference for teachers and pre-service teachers interested in learning new ways to use technology in the classroom is being hosted at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

The Tech Edge Spring Conference – “21st Century Education: Digital Tools Advancing Teaching and Learning” – is from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Feb. 25 and includes 16 speakers from UNK and public schools across Nebraska.

The event is at UNK’s College of Education building and is free to attend. However, participants must register at

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Classroom teachers and technology specialists will offer workshops that include first-hand accounts of technology integration with students, teaching ideas, technical support and hands-on practice with tech tools.

Hosted by UNK’s College of Education and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Technology Education in Digital and Global Environments (EDGE), the conference will examine the latest tools and technology affecting education today.

“We will address critical skills students and teachers should have to empower the educational experience,” said Tech Edge’s Guy Trainin, graduate chair at UNL.

“As schools continue to expand, the use of mobile devices learning can happen any time, anywhere,” said Martonia Gaskill, assistant professor of education at UNK and event organizer. “Learners are now able to use devices creatively at their own pace and in ways that were not possible before. As educators, we must take advantage of this opportunity to better educate and empower the next generation.”

The keynote speaker is Breanne Campbell of Millard West High School, who will give a 9:30 a.m. presentation “Tension, Discomfort and Resistance: The Delicate Nuances of Technology Integration in Education.”

Campbell will share her encounters on the other side of technology integration in the classroom and offer advice and suggestions for pre-service and practicing teachers as technology becomes even more ubiquitous.

“We often hear technology being touted as “transformative” and “revolutionary” for students, and it can be,” said Campbell. “But often, the other side of technology integration is left out of the discussion – the part that causes tension, discomfort and even resistance from both teachers and students.”

Speakers and their presentations include:

  • Sherri Harms, chair, UNK Computer Science Department – “Introduction to Coding for Teachers and Their Students.”
  • Brett Kluver, middle school math and reading, Gibbon Public Schools – “Essential Free Tech Tools For the 1:1 Blended Classrooms with iPads.”
  • Olga Morozan, UNK Fulbright Scholar – “Flipping Your Class with Videos and Live Streaming from YouTube Live.”
  • Jeff Kritzer, UNK special education – “Differentiate Instruction with Technology.”
  • Scott Fredrickson, UNK teacher education – “Screen capture and Image Manipulation with Jing and Gimp: Also Known as Free is Good and We Are Cheapskates!”
  • Beckie Tuttle, Lincoln Public Schools – “Teaching Reading Deliberately.”
  • Dave Evertson, technology director, Cozad Public Schools – “HackBusters: I ain’t afraid of no hacks!”
  • Bailey Koch, UNK teacher education – “Poll Everywhere for Real-time Formative Assessment.”
  • Elizabeth Anson, instructional coach, Grand Island Public Schools – “Twitter in Education.”
  • Jason Weseman, Howard Elementary, Grand Island Public Schools – “Google Apps in the Elementary Classroom.”
  • Aaron Peterson, UNK pre-service teacher – “An Overview of Chromebooks & Google Tools.”
  • Crystal Liu, UNL English as a second language doctoral student – “Design Digital Learning Experience for Language Classrooms.”
  • Kelsey Anderson, Julie Copp, Sunrise Middle School, Kearney Public Schools – “Google Classroom for Everyday Use.”
  • Koichi Sato, UNL doctoral candidate – “How to Add a Video of You to Your Screencast Video ‘Real-Time’ by Using Green Screen & Open Broadcast Software.”

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