New engineering classes to be offered at UNK in fall 2016

Engineering 2By SARA GIBONEY
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KEARNEY – The University of Nebraska at Kearney’s new engineering program will serve as a stepping-stone for students pursuing degrees in engineering.

The new engineering classes will allow students to study mechanical engineering, agricultural engineering, civil engineering or electrical engineering before transferring to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering.

Ken Trantham

“This program will help prepare students in their freshman and sophomore years so they can transfer to an engineering school with no interruptions,” said Ken Trantham, associate professor and chair of the Department of Physics and Physical Science at UNK.

Two pathways will be offered to students studying engineering. The Engineering Foundations Program prepares students in math, physics, chemistry and engineering so they can transfer to UNL after their sophomore year. The foundations program allows students to study for two years at UNK and two years at UNL.

The Dual Degree Physics and Engineering Program allows students to earn a Bachelor of Science in physics with an emphasis in engineering from UNK. Those students can then earn a second Bachelor of Science in engineering from UNL. The dual degree program allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree at UNK in three years and a bachelor’s degree at UNL in two years.

Tim Reece, assistant professor of physics and physical science, said UNK’s engineering program allows students to learn in an environment with smaller class sizes.

“It will help reduce the culture shock for students from smaller towns,” he said.

Trantham said UNK’s program allows students to have more one-on-one support with professors.

“UNK has smaller class sizes, a smaller teacher to student ratio, lower tuition and a different culture,” he said. “It’s a win-win for both campuses and students.”

Students will not earn engineering degrees at UNK. They will take the foundation classes necessary before transferring to an engineering college.

Two faculty with expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering will be hired to teach the seven new classes that will be offered in fall 2016.

Students will also have opportunities to complete internships at area engineering firms.

“Students will have a better chance at success,” Trantham said.


Source: Ken Trantham, 308.865.8278,
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