John Fronczak

Work by eight senior visual communication and design majors at the University of Nebraska at Kearney is on exhibit at the Walker Gallery on campus now through Friday, May 4.

For their senior projects, the students created a fictitious business, then developed and designed the marketing and promotional materials for the company. The eight seniors whose projects are on exhibit include: Lacie Wiese of Doniphan; Sarah Epping of Funk; Amy Markham and Braeden Tyma, both of Grand Island; Amanda Olson of Stuart; Liz White of Omaha; Tracy Dubas of Woodbine, Iowa; and Angelica Jaimes of Bogota, Colombia.

Visual communications and design uses illustrations, drawing, graphic design and electronic resources to develop and express visual messages.

The students and their projects are listed below, alphabetically, by hometown:

Doniphan- Lacie Wiese

Wiese developed a series of promotional materials for the Manitou Lodge Resort.

“The goal of this project was to blend the best of both worlds and provide promotional materials that appeal to a wide audience,” Wiese said. “The challenge of this project was to appeal to a very diverse audience and clients.” After graduation, Wiese plans to work in Nebraska for a time before moving to Florida.

Funk- Sarah Epping

Design project “swz-schule fuer Wissenschaftliche Zeichnen” by Epping was created to demonstrate the nuances of scientific illustration. Epping said that through the exhibit students would be able to look at the school and gain an interest in a career in art. After graduation, Epping plans to pursue a master’s degree in studio art or illustration.

Grand Island- Amy Markham

For her senior show, Markham created a Chicago-based brewery named Industry Ale Brewing Company.

“I believe that the most effective design elements are the merchandise and the promotional posters,” Markham said. “The brewery is also a gift shop, so attractive merchandise is key, and meant to be fun and detailed.” After graduation, Markham plans to work in the Omaha area.

Grand Island- Braeden Tyma

Design project Sh-Boom Soda Fountain by Tyma is a quirky malt shop that functions as a popular tourist hangout with late 1950s and early 1960s style.

“Sh-Boom’s goal is to not only create sweet treats from root beer floats to phosphate sodas, but to also inform the public about the history of the soda culture in America,” Tyma said.

Tyma plans to seek employment in the Lincoln or Omaha area after graduation.

Stuart- Amanda Olson

Olson’s design project, Feed Marvin: A Food Drive Campaign, was created to help children who don’t have the benefit of lunch programs during the summer. The main components of the campaign are a website, 30-second commercial, email newsletters and door hangers.

“Communities constantly battle the issue of poverty, and affected families depend on food banks for support,” Olson said. “Feed Marvin is an initiative to raise money, support and food for a community.”

After graduation, Olson will intern at Bailey Lauerman in Lincoln while continuing to do freelance design.

Omaha- Liz White

White’s senior exhibit, The Paper Bar, is a product launch for a company which promotes a new kind of recycled paper available for designers.

“This product launch showcases how The Paper Bar’s new paper series would benefit designers regardless of what their projects are,” White said. “The Paper Bar was a great way to explore branding as well as marketing through design.”

After graduation, White will intern at Ervin & Smith in Omaha.

Woodbine, Iowa- Tracy Dubas

Brand design project AlterEgo by Dubas is a nail polish line for young women.

“This brand will express the inner personality of one’s self and make it visible for everyone else to see. The reasoning for the brand is to show a woman’s inner beauty,” Dubas said.

Dubas plans to seek employment in the Midwest after she graduates.

Bogota, Colombia- Angelica Jaimes

Product design project Spiceup International Spices by Jaimes was created for a company that produces spices for fine cooking.

“When it comes to great cooking, you need to have a good quality spice,” Jaimes said. “This is why Spiceup was developed to make ordinary food extraordinary.”

After graduation, Jaimes plans to find a career in the field of graphic design.

The exhibit is free and open to the public. The Walker Art Gallery is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.