Ten UNK Students Recognized For Academic Success On Campus

Megan Friesen
SSS adviser, 308.865.8988

UNK- Ten University of Nebraska at Kearney students recently received awards from the Academic Success Office.
           Student Support Services program participants, Learning Strategies Tutors and Student Workers, SSS Academic and Peer Mentors, and staff working in the UNK Division of Student Life took part in the awards ceremony.
       Megan Friesen, SSS Adviser, said, “Presenting an award is a way for the Academic Success Office to acknowledge and encourage students to strive for strong academic and professional success. In addition, it encourages students to remain active at UNK and in the Kearney community, and to serve as positive role models for all UNK students.”  
       The Distinguished Tutor Award celebrates outstanding commitment and dedication shown by an Academic Success tutor in order to better serve the campus community.  
       Lindsey Petersen of Kearney received the Distinguished Tutor Award. Peterson tutors students in Spanish, English and Sociology, and helps assist students in understanding good study skills. Petersen is a College Reading and Learning Association Level III Master Certified Tutor.
        The Mentoring Excellence Award is presented to a student peer mentor for exceptional commitment and dedication in order to make a difference in the lives of fellow students. Mentors are selected for the award based on their willingness and ability to make the extra effort in their relationships with mentee(s), and their overall dependability and performance with the Academic Success Program.
        Lynda Tran of Lincoln earned the Mentoring Excellence Award. Tran was nominated for the Mentoring Excellence Award by one of her mentees. She displays mentoring excellence in that she meets with her mentees often and on time.
       Friesen said, “She genuinely cares about her mentees and their success here at UNK. In fact, she has helped a mentee with a difficult class throughout the semester.”
       The Outstanding Student Award is presented to students who exemplify scholarship, leadership and service to UNK, and to the community. Award recipients epitomize a successful blend of ability, work ethic and spirit of the pursuit of excellence.
       Shawn Manion of Giltner earned an Outstanding Student Award. Manion has been an active participant in the Student Support Services program since his first semester at UNK. In addition, he has served as a volunteer peer mentor for four years.
         Heather Wagner of Giltner, who also earned an Outstanding Student Award, is a member of the Student Social Work Organization. She advises freshmen to join organizations and learn more about their majors.
       The Pacesetter Award is presented to Student Support Services freshmen who have demonstrated that they are developing the necessary skills, habits and motivation to become successful students. Pacesetter Award Recipients are listed in alphabetical order by hometown:
       Tina Lovejoy of Bloomfield is a member of the Student Social Work Organization.
       Jennifer Shafer of Edison is active in Chi Omega Sorority, Student Support Services, the Mantor Hall Council and the First Year Program.
       Donald Roeder of Kearney earned the award for his work in Student Support Services.
       Quy Nguyen Vo of Lexington is active with Chemistry Club and Nebraska Cultural Unity Conference.
       Edna Bernal of Lexington has earned several honorary awards in addition to the Student Excellence Award.
       The TRIO Graduate Award is a new award created to recognize an outstanding Student Support Services graduate for academic achievement. Students receiving the award have overcome substantial life obstacles in order to receive a degree.
Marcell Captain of Kearney earned the TRIO Graduate award. Captain who came to UNK from California, graduated last month with a degree in organizational communications.