Power of the Herd: University of Nebraska at Kearney launches new brand campaign, slogan

KEARNEY – Power of the Herd.

The University of Nebraska at Kearney has launched a new brand campaign and slogan that captures the collaborative strength, unity and spirit that drives its success.

The marketing initiative, developed over the past year by UNK’s Communications and Marketing team, underscores the sense of community and support at UNK. It showcases how individuals won’t get lost in the crowd but will find their “herd” – a group that lifts them and cheers them on toward success.

“Together, we are unstoppable,” said UNK Marketing Director Kyle Means. “This campaign will highlight stories about Lopers working together and accomplishing powerful results. It is centered around the idea of connecting to a herd – a network of friends, mentors, family and others who stand by our students every step of the way.”

Power of the Herd replaces “Be Blue. Be Gold. Be Bold,” which launched in 2019.

A Super Bowl ad with the new Power of the Herd message aired as part of the campaign launch, and digital ads, billboards, print, radio and television commercials are being unveiled this week. The university is also launching several other marketing tactics to create more brand awareness.

The campaign was developed with input from current UNK students, staff and faculty, community members and alumni, then tested with multiple audiences, including incoming students and their parents.

The campaign underscores the importance of connectedness and community support, demonstrating how UNK’s nurturing environment contributes to the success of its students both academically and in their personal growth.

“At the heart of UNK’s mission is a commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and support for every member of our community,” said Means. “The Power of the Herd captures the essence of what it means to be part of the UNK family – where individual strengths are elevated and collective achievements are celebrated.”

As part of the campaign, UNK will highlight its commitment to student success and address needs within Nebraska and beyond, such as extending health care services, growing the state’s workforce and aggressively recruiting and building relationships with students and families across the region.

Todd Gottula, UNK’s senior director of communications and marketing, said a vintage antelope logo – as well as brighter shades of blue and gold – has been incorporated into the campaign’s design elements.

“We are not replacing the traditional Loper head and other established logos and colors that represent the university. The vintage logo has been popular when we’ve used it on specialty merchandise,” Gottula said. “There is an affinity for that look. The antelope is unique to our brand and a source of pride, so we’ve brought it back and are going to embrace it.”