Like the surprising amount of cornfields, Tariro Chinhamo has opportunity to grow in Nebraska

Hometown: Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
Grade: Junior
Major: Construction management
Professional goal: After graduation, I hope to land a job in construction and work my way up the ladder to one day become a project manager.
Fun fact: I am a self-taught pianist.

Why did you decide to study in the U.S.?
There is a higher level of education and more opportunities to grow in my career field.

Why did you choose UNK?
I have family members who graduated from UNK.

What’s your favorite thing about UNK?
The student-teacher ratio and the fact that most professors are willing to help you and work with you.

What was the most surprising thing when you arrived in Nebraska?
The number of small towns in the state and just how small those towns are. But the most surprising thing was probably the amount of cornfields in the state.

What’s the biggest difference between Kearney and your hometown?
The size and population are by far the biggest differences. Also, how people interact with one another, because in my hometown everyone knows everyone and the whole community is your family, which is not really the case here, so I had to do a lot of adjusting.

What should people know about your home country?
First, it’s roughly the same size as the state of Oklahoma. Secondly, contrary to what most people may think, Nebraska is hotter than a lot of parts in Africa and you will never see the sun after 6 p.m., even in the summer. Winter temperatures stay around 45 degrees and almost never go below freezing.

Why should students consider studying abroad?
The biggest reason why students should consider not just studying abroad but visiting a different country in general is for them to get out of their comfort zone and see life from a different perspective while learning another way of life, which will cause them to have a better appreciation of life in general.