UNK degrees for 217 to be conferred at Aug. 5 summer commencement

KEARNEY – Graduate and undergraduate degrees will be conferred for 217 summer graduates at University of Nebraska at Kearney commencement exercises 10 a.m. Friday (Aug. 5) at UNK’s Health and Sports Center.

Candidates for degrees are listed below in three groups: graduates from Nebraska, graduates from across the United States and international graduates.

Students graduating with honors have the honors noted after their names. Honors, along with grade-point averages necessary to earn those honors, include: summa cum laude, 3.90-4.00; magna cum laude, 3.80-3.89; cum laude, 3.70-3.79; and honorable mention, 3.50-3.69.

Undergraduate Degrees
BA – Bachelor of Arts
BAED – Bachelor of Arts in Education
BS – Bachelor of Science
BSE – Bachelor of Science in Education
BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts
BGS – Bachelor of General Studies
BM – Bachelor of Music

Graduate Degrees
EDS – Education Specialist
MA – Master of Arts
MAE – Master of Arts in Education
MS – Master of Science
MSE – Master of Science in Education
MATR – Master of Athletic Training
MBA – Master of Business Administration

City State Country Name Degree Major 1 Major 2 Honors
Ainsworth NE USA Morgan Osborn BS Business Administration
Albion NE USA Heather Hudson MAE School Principalship Pre-K-8
Alma NE USA Michael Bell MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Alma NE USA Elaine Blum MAE Reading PK-12
Amherst NE USA Riley Thomsen BS Applied Health Science
Arapahoe NE USA Brennan Koller BS Health Sciences
Ashland NE USA Tyler Craven MAE Special Education
Aurora NE USA Alena Carlson BS Recreation, Outdoor, Event Management
Aurora NE USA Stacy Groetzinger MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Axtell NE USA Sophie Mellema MATR Athletic Training
Battle Creek NE USA Blake Heller BS Exercise Science
Bellevue NE USA Armando Allende Blanco MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Bellevue NE USA VanNessa Krueger MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Bellevue NE USA Elizabeth Lopez MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Bellevue NE USA Danielle Turner MAE Spanish Education
Bennington NE USA Sophie Sweetman BGS General Studies
Bingham NE USA Cheyanne Volz MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Bladen NE USA Nicolle Hammer BS Applied Health Science
Brady NE USA Emery Swan BS Business Administration
Cairo NE USA Brianna Deines MAE School Principalship 7-12
Cedar Bluffs NE USA Coby Amen MSE Learning, Design & Technology
Central City NE USA Aaron Vencill MATR Athletic Training
Columbus NE USA Sebastian Hoer BS Applied Computer Science Honorable Mention
Columbus NE USA Malia White MSE School Counseling Secondary
Cozad NE USA Mary Donahue BS Business Administration
Cozad NE USA Cristian Prado Frias BS Spanish Translation Interpretation
Cozad NE USA Jennifer Walls MSE Learning, Design & Technology
Crete NE USA Nicholas Renn BGS General Studies
Doniphan NE USA Alexander Hollister MA English
Doniphan NE USA Tausha Jones MAE School Principalship Pre-K-8
Dunning NE USA Matthew Thomas MAE Physical Education Master Teacher
Elba NE USA Joseph Morrow MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Elkhorn NE USA Dinah Claus MAE Spanish Education
Elkhorn NE USA Jairin Potter MAE Special Education
Elm Creek NE USA Jaydn Ford BS Industrial Distribution
Elwood NE USA Sheridan Banzhaf MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Fairbury NE USA Julia Hill MAE Special Education
Fairmont NE USA Tessa Bridges BGS General Studies
Fremont NE USA Ethan Ferguson BGS General Studies
Fremont NE USA MacKenzie Meyer MSE Speech Language Pathology
Geneva NE USA Mariah Hedden MAE Special Education
Geneva NE USA Elizabeth Zoucha MAE Special Education
Gering NE USA Jaycee Rice BGS General Studies
Giltner NE USA Mandy Humphrey BS Applied Health Science Magna Cum Laude
Gothenburg NE USA Erin Feather MAE School Principalship Pre-K-8
Grand Island NE USA Uriel Anchondo BS Applied Computer Science Summa Cum Laude
Grand Island NE USA Grace Bartling BS Criminal Justice
Grand Island NE USA Cassandra Casares BGS General Studies
Grand Island NE USA Madison Levander BS Business Administration
Grand Island NE USA Ethan Moseman MSE STEM Education
Grand Island NE USA Katrina Moseman MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Grant NE USA Kadie Thelander BS Business Administration Summa Cum Laude
Grant NE USA Sydney Wilson BAED Elementary Education Special Education
Gretna NE USA Madison Stearnes BS Biology
Hartington NE USA Abby Dybdal MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Hastings NE USA Taylor Bunde BAED Business, Marketing, & Information Technology Education Summa Cum Laude
Hastings NE USA Amber Schultz MAE School Principalship Pre-K-8
Henderson NE USA Tara Swartzendruber BGS General Studies Summa Cum Laude
Holdrege NE USA Ashton Kirwan BS Family Science
Humboldt NE USA Camille Dorn BS Business Administration
Indianola NE USA Julie Hauxwell MA English
Kearney NE USA Mackenzie Burnham MAE Physical Education Exercise Science
Kearney NE USA Claire Choplin BS Business Administration
Kearney NE USA Shantel Daake MAE Special Education
Kearney NE USA Allyson Ferguson MSE School Counseling Secondary
Kearney NE USA Dalton Gleason MAE General Kinesiology & Sport Sciences Education
Kearney NE USA Elizabeth Haarberg MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Kearney NE USA Tricia Kreutzer MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Kearney NE USA Drew Morrow BS Business Administration Honorable Mention
Kearney NE USA Matthew Oliphant BS Industrial Distribution
Kearney NE USA Nadia Pinon BS Business Administration
Kearney NE USA Derek Rusher MAE School Principalship 7-12
Kearney NE USA Jessica Vanderburg BA Studio Art
Kearney NE USA Zackary Wayman MA History
Kearney NE USA Jonathan Wentz BS Biology
Kearney NE USA Seth Wieduwilt BS Industrial Distribution
Kearney NE USA Hunter Willis BS Criminal Justice
Kearney NE USA Alexander Woodside MAE Music Education
LaVista NE USA Marcus Little MAE Physical Education Master Teacher
Leigh NE USA Cole Fischer EDS School Superintendent
Lexington NE USA Abril Caldera Pinela BS Applied Health Science
Lexington NE USA Amy Pepplitsch MAE Supervisor of Special Education
Lexington NE USA Aida Quintana BS Family Science
Lexington NE USA Brenda Sanabria BS Health Sciences
Lincoln NE USA Bree Ackermann MA English
Lincoln NE USA Dustin Bayne MA History
Lincoln NE USA Caitlin Glenn MSE School Counseling Elementary PK-8
Lincoln NE USA Zachary Groenke BGS General Studies
Lincoln NE USA Philip Hanigan MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Lincoln NE USA Nicholas Hegge MA History
Lincoln NE USA Emily Kreutz BS Organizational & Relational Communication
Lincoln NE USA Spencer Scheer MAE Physical Education Exercise Science
Lincoln NE USA Rebecca Sprouse MS Biology
Lincoln NE USA Claudia Taylor BA International Studies Honorable Mention
Loomis NE USA Drew Billeter EDS School Superintendent
Loup City NE USA Camille Badura MAE Special Education
Madrid NE USA Kara Hagan MAE Curriculum & Instruction
McCook NE USA McKenzie Bivins MAE Curriculum & Instruction
McCook NE USA Kayla Fix MSE Learning, Design & Technology
McCook NE USA Darius Williams MAE Physical Education Master Teacher
Norfolk NE USA Jacquelyn Colfack MA English
Norfolk NE USA Kaleb Kreikemeier MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Norfolk NE USA Austin Truex BS Organizational & Relational Communication Summa Cum Laude
North Platte NE USA Taylor Blagdon BS Business Administration
North Platte NE USA Marcus Gutherless BS Sports Management Honorable Mention
North Platte NE USA Colton Nisley MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling
North Platte NE USA Melissa Palacios MSE Learning, Design & Technology
North Platte NE USA Brianna Taft BS Criminal Justice
North Platte NE USA Elle White BS Family Science Honorable Mention
O’Neill NE USA Abby Krysl MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Ogallala NE USA Jami Anderson MAE Reading PK-12
Omaha NE USA Ryan Brown BS Social Work
Omaha NE USA Shea Fuhrman MA English
Omaha NE USA Anderson Graham BS Industrial Distribution
Omaha NE USA Emily Hoogner BS Applied Health Science
Omaha NE USA Alyssa Howell MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Omaha NE USA Matthew Jorgensen MAE Special Education
Omaha NE USA Aida Lamelas MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Omaha NE USA Kevin Modrell MAE School Principalship 7-12
Omaha NE USA Joseph Nelson BS Industrial Distribution
Omaha NE USA Emily Nolan MAE Music Education
Omaha NE USA Ryan Ostransky BS Industrial Distribution
Omaha NE USA Anna Pflaum MA History
Omaha NE USA Emilie Powell MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Omaha NE USA Shannon Rogers MS Biology
Omaha NE USA Trevor Wiegert MA History
Omaha NE USA Hanna Wills BS Psychology
Ord NE USA Jessica Gutierrez MSE School Counseling Secondary
Oxford NE USA Savana Quinn BS Applied Health Science
Papillion NE USA Kaitlyn Selzler MA History
Papillion NE USA Matthew Starks MAE School Principalship 7-12
Pawnee City NE USA Caleb Lempka MAE School Principalship 7-12
Pender NE USA Hannah Smith MAE Special Education
Peru NE USA Timber Huynh BGS General Studies
Phillips NE USA McClain Botsford MAE Reading PK-12
Phillips NE USA Rylee Johnson BS Exercise Science Magna Cum Laude
Pleasanton NE USA Nathan Lightle EDS School Superintendent
Ravenna NE USA Connor Beranek MAE Physical Education Master Teacher
Ravenna NE USA Joshua Deines MAE Physical Education Master Teacher
Ravenna NE USA Samantha Wetzel BS Construction Management
Scottsbluff NE USA Jeffrey Koncaba MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Seward NE USA Erica Crouch MAE Reading PK-12
Sidney NE USA Christopher Arent EDS School Superintendent
Sidney NE USA Seth Schuessler MAE School Principalship 7-12
Silver Creek NE USA McKenzie Cuba EDS Counseling Education
St. Edward NE USA Shonda Shanle BS Exercise Science
Stromsburg NE USA Carrie Bauers MSE STEM Education
Wahoo NE USA Casey Brown MSE STEM Education
Wahoo NE USA Erin Miller BS Psychology
Wauneta NE USA Hannah Curl MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Waverly NE USA Nathan Blankenship MAE School Principalship 7-12
Waverly NE USA Taylor Vasa MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Weston NE USA Nathan Konecky BS Exercise Science Honorable Mention
Wood River NE USA Audrianna Earnest BS Family Science Honorable Mention
York NE USA Shanel Patterson BS Recreation Management
Long Beach CA USA Christopher Castillo MS Biology
Aurora CO USA Darius Swanson BS Sports Management
Fort Collins CO USA Antoinette Smith MSE STEM Education
Littleton CO USA Alexis DeNeice MA History
Littleton CO USA Breanna Jones BS Exercise Science Summa Cum Laude
Poncha Springs CO USA Chelsea Carpenter MSE STEM Education
South Fork CO USA Kevin Hintz MS Biology
Simsbury CT USA Cynthia Pastor MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Somers CT USA Alicia Bonin MS Biology
Frederica DE USA Vicky Eichhorn MS Biology
Orlando FL USA Brenda Gerken MSE Learning, Design & Technology
Plant City FL USA Mason Smith MA History
Ranger GA USA Morgan Clifton MAE Art Education
Red Oak IA USA Rachel Kocak MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Saint Charles IA USA Kristina Alm BS Early Childhood & Family Advocacy Honorable Mention
Salix IA USA Evan DeKok MATR Athletic Training
Shenandoah IA USA Taylor Rogers MATR Athletic Training
Sioux City IA USA Katie Larson MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Blue Island IL USA Clare Jorgensen MAE Spanish Education
Lake Villa IL USA Andrew Demos BGS General Studies Cum Laude
Augusta KS USA Jaci Kepler MAE Physical Education Master Teacher
Goodland KS USA Emily Lohr MAE School Principalship Pre-K-8
Mulvane KS USA Tiffany Berry BS Social Work
Overland Park KS USA Amy Bennett MAE Reading PK-12
New Orleans LA USA Michelle Haysley MAE Art Education
Woburn MA USA Emily Rocha MSE Learning, Design & Technology
Presque Isle ME USA Erika Bernard MSE STEM Education
Detroit MI USA Aaron Walker MSE Higher Education Student Affairs
Jackson MI USA Nikki Beardsley MS Biology
Faribault MN USA McKenna Vininski MS Biology
Minneapolis MN USA MJ Dawson MAE Music Education
Wabasso MN USA Barbara Wendt MS Biology
Warrensburg MO USA Kathianne Keller MSE Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Raleigh NC USA Amelia Karpowitz MAE Art Education
Raleigh NC USA Michael Nelson MA History
Swansboro NC USA Morgan Malone BS Early Childhood & Family Advocacy
Wyckoff NJ USA Jessica Vara BGS General Studies
Albuquerque NM USA Jason Yepa MS Biology
Cloudcroft NM USA Victoria Arrowsmith MS Biology
Akron OH USA Timothy Kester MA History
Broadview Heights OH USA Amanda Betts MS Biology
Mount Vernon OH USA Trevor Rhodes MA History
Claremore OK USA Megan Cottom MS Biology
Oklahoma City OK USA Amy Schepers MS Biology
New Cumberland PA USA Kathryn Sciamanna MS Biology
Hot Springs SD USA Joshua Redden MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Austin TX USA Kelsey Bowers BS Applied Computer Science
Dallas TX USA Hana Moosa MS Biology
Rosenberg TX USA Kelly Williams MS Biology
Harrisonburg VA USA Katherine Melton Simpson MS Biology
Eau Claire WI USA Jody Myhre-Oechsle MS Biology
Cheyenne WY USA Michael Beitz, Jr. MSE School Counseling Elementary PK-8
Wheatland WY USA Michelle Coplen MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Canada Amy Kofoed MATR Athletic Training
China Hongchang Que BS Business Administration
China Yufei Zhou BS Business Administration
Dominican Republic Jeyson Seneli Jean MAE Spanish Education
Jamaica Chester Anderson MAE Art Education
Korea Yoon Gu Kang MATR Athletic Training
Nigeria Rukevwe Eggleston BS Business Administration
Romania Cristina Garcia MAE Curriculum & Instruction
Samoa Hadassha Tofilau MS Biology