For Kali Herbolsheimer, the personal connections make Greek Life special

Grade: Sophomore
Studying: K-12 special education
Hometown: Omaha
Sorority: Alpha Omicron Pi
Position: Panhellenic Council president

Why did you join a UNK sorority?
I originally went through the sorority recruitment process because I wanted to move to campus early and meet people before classes started. Little did I know, I would come out of the week meeting hundreds of unfamiliar faces, building connections with people in all four Panhellenic chapters and fostering relationships with some of my biggest supporters and encouragers throughout college. I never envisioned myself joining a sorority, but after going through recruitment week I found things within Greek Life that continue to help me better myself as an individual.

What’s the best part of Fraternity and Sorority Life?
There are so many things about Fraternity and Sorority Life that I absolutely love. The best part for me has been the networking and connections that I have made over the last year and a half. I am from Omaha and could count on my fingers how many people I knew when coming to UNK. The relationships I have developed through my leadership positions and experiences within Fraternity and Sorority Life will continue to impact me not only throughout my collegiate career but also after graduation.

Additionally, I absolutely love the mentors I have gained through Fraternity and Sorority Life. I can confidently say I have like-minded individuals I can look up to and receive advice from. Like I mentioned earlier, I arrived at UNK knowing very few people, so having mentors who I know want the best for me and will support me no matter the situation is something that I am extremely grateful for.

How has Fraternity and Sorority Life impacted your college career?
The standards and expectations we have as Greek students have significantly enhanced my college experience. Having a community full of people who want to see me succeed has helped me with both my academic and campus involvement. Individuals throughout the entire community, both in my chapter and outside of it, have been some of my biggest encouragers and supporters. Because of Greek Life and the people I have met, I have been inspired to take on leadership roles and do things that I would have never even dreamed of while in college.

Why should incoming students get involved with Fraternity and Sorority Life?
Coming into college, I was the person who was unsure about joining a sorority. I decided that I was going to go through the formal recruitment process about two months before it happened and was still unconvinced that I would join. I strongly believed that I did not fit the stereotypical sorority girl image and expressed that concern to my recruitment counselors the first time I met them. It was not until I arrived on campus and started to interact with girls in all the Panhellenic chapters that I knew UNK’s Fraternity and Sorority Life community was the place for me.

UNK Fraternity and Sorority Life is a close-knit community that is made up of 12 chapters across campus, which allows us to make personal connections and focus on the things that are truly important to us: scholarship, leadership, service and friendship. I encourage all students attending UNK to at least go through the recruitment process, because at the end of the day, you do not have to say yes. If you find that it’s not for you, at least you had the chance to meet people in the community who you’re likely to see in classes or around campus.


  • About 600 UNK students are members of a fraternity or sorority
  • These students complete around 20,000 to 25,000 community service hours annually and raise thousands of dollars for charities
  • For the fall 2021 semester, UNK fraternity and sorority members recorded an average GPA of 3.35
  • Compared to the overall student population, fraternity and sorority members are more likely to finish their degree at UNK and support the university as alumni