PHOTOS: West Center lobby, lower level updates create new look and feel

The $1 million West Center remodeling project was recently completed, enhancing about 7,000 square feet on the east end of the building, improving the primary entrance, creating a fireplace lounge and modern space for the Brewed Awakening student-run coffee shop. It also established dedicated study areas.

A sleek “open concept” floor plan allows the College of Business and Technology to better utilize the building.

Most of the changes occurred on the lower level, where Brewed Awakening is located. Employee offices and two of three classrooms on this level were removed. The remaining classroom is the new home of the college’s Finance Lab, which features a digital stock ticker and Bloomberg Terminals. This room is enclosed in glass, replicating the look inside nearby Discovery Hall and allowing visitors to observe the learning environment.

A fireplace lounge, similar to the one inside the Nebraskan Student Union, was added. Brewed Awakening has a new design, increased storage and additional seating to create a modern coffee shop feel.

Upstairs, the east entrance was transformed into a lobby with tables, chairs and other furniture, and dedicated study areas were added to the first and second floors. The first-floor study area is designed for groups, while the second-floor space focuses on individuals. Both areas have a conference room with interactive whiteboards, cameras and other technology that allow students to collaborate on projects, conduct virtual interviews and connect with people off campus.