Jami Koester receives KUDOS award from NU Board of Regents

Jami Koester, an office associate for the cyber systems and industrial technology departments at UNK, received the University of Nebraska Board of Regents KUDOS award during the April 9 meeting.

KUDOS awards recognize university staff for their professional expertise, service and “superior dedication” to UNK and the University of Nebraska. It is the university’s top staff award.

Koester joined UNK’s staff in October 2010 as an office associate for industrial technology and began supporting cyber systems in June 2020. She provided assistance for both departments when they moved into UNK’s newly constructed Discovery Hall, a task that came with additional challenges created by COVID-19.

Koester’s other responsibilities include maintaining a professional office atmosphere; assisting students, visitors and faculty; supporting department chairs; monitoring budgets, travel and inventory; and assisting with searches, program accreditations and annual scholarship awards.

She has served on UNK Staff Senate and the Universitywide Benefits Committee and is a recipient of UNK’s Employee Achievement Award and Teamwork Excellence Award.

Koester enjoys building relationships with co-workers and students to create a strong team and enjoyable work environment.

Colleagues describe her as an independent thinker and team player who has a good grasp of her position.

“She is both efficient and effective, and she is a pleasure to work with,” said College of Business and Technology Dean Tim Jares. “Her people skills match her analytical and problem-solving skills. She makes UNK and CBT better, and that’s what we should all strive for.”

Koester attended the Board of Regents meeting with her husband, Todd, and their children, Madison and Max.