‘They are my best friends’: Benck sisters experiencing college, UNK together

Triplets Brooke, Emma and Lauren Benck didn’t plan on attending the same college – until they all fell in love with UNK.

Now sophomores, the sisters from Columbus are enjoying every aspect of their time together on campus.

We asked them a few questions about UNK and each other for National Siblings Day.

Why did you choose UNK?

Lauren: “I really liked the campus size and welcoming atmosphere. It’s just the right distance from home and, of course, Emma and Brooke are here, too. My scholarship was also a big deciding factor.”

What’s it like attending college together?

Brooke: “I love it! As seniors in high school, we didn’t plan on all coming to the same college. If one of us would have liked a different college better than UNK, then we would have split up. It just kind of worked out that we all chose to come here for different reasons. I love getting to experience this part of life with them, and I wasn’t ready to be apart yet.”

What’s the best part of attending UNK with your sisters?

Emma: “I think the best part of being at UNK with each other is being able to have our own lives and friends, but still be able to see each other and come together whenever.”

Brooke: “The best part is seeing each of them thrive in their own life pursuits. We don’t see each other all the time and kind of live on different parts of campus, but we always keep each other updated on what is going on. I love seeing each of them succeed and having fun with their own friends. One of the other best parts is just having someone you can always count on to help out and encourage you.”

And the least enjoyable part?

Lauren: “Nothing!”

How would you describe your sisters?

Brooke: “Emma and Lauren are both intelligent, passionate about their futures, and so fun to be around. They are great encouragers to others and remain optimistic even in hard times. I can always count on them. They are my best friends!”

Emma: “I would describe Lauren and Brooke as extremely intelligent and people persons. They are two of the funniest people I know and are my best friends. They are hard workers, leaders and understanding.”

Lauren: “Brooke and Emma are both very intelligent and hardworking. They are fun to be around and always have positive attitudes.”

In what ways are you alike?

Emma: “I would say we all like music and sports. Those are two things we have always done together, so those interests are common to us.”

And different?

Brooke: “I don’t think we look much alike, even though people mix up our names quite a bit. Emma is different from Lauren and me in that she is really creative and talented in art. We all have similar but different personalities, too. Emma’s a little more introverted than me, and Lauren is the most outgoing.”

What’s your favorite thing about UNK?

Lauren: “I really enjoy opening week each fall. All the fun activities get me excited for the school year.”

Brooke: “The atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and the teachers and staff members are very welcoming. They want to make personal relationships with each of their students. I feel so supported and connected here at UNK.”

Emma: “My favorite thing about UNK is all of the relationships and connections I’ve made. UNK has brought me so many blessings that I am incredibly grateful for.”

Brooke Benck
Major: Middle level education with a minor in special education
Activities/organizations: Thompson Scholars Learning Community, Gamma Phi Beta sorority, Collegiate Middle Level Association, intramural sports, UNK Honors Program
Scholarship: Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation





Emma Benck
Major: Elementary education with a special education endorsement
Activities/organizations: Teachers Scholars Academy, Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, UNK Honors Program, intramural sports, Christian Student Fellowship, Kappa Delta Pi honor society, Phi Eta Sigma honor society
Scholarship: Teachers Scholars Academy





Lauren Benck
Major: Biology with a health sciences emphasis and chemistry minor (pre-medical)
Activities/organizations: Gamma Phi Beta sorority, Kearney Health Opportunities Program, UNK Delight, intramural sports
Scholarship: Kearney Health Opportunities Program