UNK spring mitigation plan includes Phase I protocols to keep campus safe

Lopes UpCurrent UNK Pandemic Status: Phase I
All students, employees and campus visitors are required to wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth in all public and shared environments on campus. This includes classrooms, offices where people work within six feet of each other, common areas, outdoor spaces when separation is not possible and during University group or mass transit. … Exceptions may be approved for those in situations where close contact is required and masks are not feasible.

Key actions and Phase I protocols to slow the spread of COVID and keep UNK safe:

  • People diagnosed with COVID-19 must be cleared by the Public Health Center before returning to campus activity. Those in contact with positive-tested or symptomatic individuals must contact the Public Health Center 308.865.8279 and may be required to quarantine and be cleared by the Public Health Center before resuming campus activity.
  • Students should NOT self-quarantine without first contacting and getting confirmation to do so from UNK’s Public Health Center. It’s difficult to medically clear students if they do not communicate with the PHC.
  • Faculty/staff should NOT assign quarantine dates and/or instruct students or employees to quarantine without collaboration from the Public Health Center. Quarantine decisions should come only from medical professionals, not faculty/staff.
  • Employees who believe they are at high risk from the pandemic may work with their supervisors or department chairs to discuss remote work plans.
  • All events hosted on or off campus by UNK groups must be approved by the UNK Event Approval Committee. No events sponsored by non-UNK groups will be approved. Event organizers must submit a plan to the committee no later than three weeks prior to the event date. The form – available here – covers topics such as face masks, sanitization, social distancing, venue layout, food, entertainment and transportation. Organizers also must submit the standard room/table request form available here. Regular meetings and informal activities do not need to complete this approval process but do need to comply with current Directed Health Measures and UNK COVID-19 policies.
  • No organizations or individuals may distribute food for fundraising purposes. All other food distribution must follow the terms of the UNK Dining Contract and other UNK policies. Prepackaged food and drinks are recommended. It is also recommended that food and drinks are served as “grab and go” rather than allowing event attendees to remove their masks and eat at the event.
  • UNK will follow NU system restrictions on travel, as well as current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and Two Rivers Public Health Department. This includes quarantine requirements for returning travelers.
  • Students shall not attend class if they are sick or are on quarantine or isolation orders from the Public Health Center. Instructors should consider providing students with alternative class participation methods if they are not able to be in the classroom because of illness. UNK has equipped most classrooms with zoom-capable technology. Other mechanisms may be used per each instructor’s direction.
  • Students who are ill should be allowed alternative participation for the first day without PHC documentation. They should immediately contact the Public Health Center which will review symptoms and provide quarantine or isolation direction as appropriate. PHC will provide the student with documentation to share with class instructors. For the student to return to class, they must receive clearance from the PHC. Faculty should underscore to students the importance of following PHC protocols.
  • Classroom population density should allow six foot spacing between individuals wherever possible.
  • Instructors must wear masks in the classroom. Faculty should be cognizant of students who need to see the speaker’s mouth to understand speech and should wear a mask with a clear plastic mouth covering if that is indicated.
  • Those living in residence halls will wear masks when in common areas. Public access to Residence Halls is limited.

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