Updates coming Jan. 1 to University of Nebraska travel policy

Effective Jan. 1, 2021, the University of Nebraska system is making several updates to its travel policy. The systemwide policy applies to all employees traveling on university business. The upcoming changes have been vetted by a universitywide travel committee of faculty and staff, as well as the chief business officers from across the NU system.

Personal credit cards in Concur

Employees will no longer be able to use personal credit cards when booking business travel through Concur or through direct contact to Fox World Travel. Employees will be required to use the university-provided credit card that is automatically programmed into the booking system.

By using the university-provided card, employees are guaranteed access to the university’s airline, hotel and car rental discounts, ensuring competitive rates for travel. Not using personal credit cards also eliminates the need for employees to pay upfront for travel expenses. Furthermore, exclusive use of the university-provided credit card will maximize NU’s travel rebate volume and opportunities for savings.

Employees wishing to bring a companion on business trips may contact a Fox World Travel agent by phone to make arrangements.

Travelers will still be able to earn mileage points with airlines by adding frequent traveler, driver and hotel guest programs within their Concur profile.

Use of SWABIZ.com

Employees will no longer be able to use SWABIZ, Southwest Airlines’ online reservation system, to purchase Southwest Airlines tickets. Employees wishing to fly Southwest may access fares and flights through Concur or by contacting Fox World Travel.

The SWABIZ system limits the university’s ability to meet its full “duty of care” responsibilities to employees. For example, the system does not allow travelers to attach flight information into Concur, limiting the university’s ability to locate and message travelers quickly in cases of emergency. Furthermore, SWABIZ allows travelers to use a personal credit card to book trips, which will no longer be permitted for university employees beginning Jan. 1.

Faculty and staff may contact the University of Nebraska system’s travel office at traveloffice@nebraska.edu or 402-554-3456 with questions or for assistance in booking travel. Employees may sign up for the university’s travel listserv to receive up-to-date travel information here.