Chancellor Kristensen: More on remote-learning transition

The response to our decision to transition to remote-delivery coursework following spring break (March 30) has been mostly positive. As we hear from faculty and students, I want to make a few points to increase the community’s understanding:

At this point, there are no reported active coronavirus cases in our region. The transition week prior to spring break will help our students establish some new normalcy as they identify and plan to utilize new learning methods and establish different communication patterns and technologies with their instructors. Faculty using the transition week prior to spring break have the opportunity to meet with their students and talk in person about how they should participate in class for the remainder of the semester.

It’s important to understand that instructors who are ready and want to move their classes to remote-learning strategies immediately may do so. And, students who are concerned about being in classrooms can contact their instructors about individually moving to remote technology now.

As we work to protect community well-being, we also want to do as much as we can to ensure quality educational experiences for our students, and that involves supporting the relationship between faculty and students. The disruption to their learning environment and campus life is difficult for students and faculty, and this transition time will ease any stress about their responsibilities or grades while offering those who are ready to transition to remote learning the ability to do so. We see this as the best option.

Doug Kristensen, Chancellor