What makes UNK Greek life so great? These students will explain

More than 700 students are involved in Greek life at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, including 126 new members who joined sororities Thursday morning as part of recruitment week.

With six sororities and six fraternities to choose from, there’s a lot to like about UNK’s Greek community – just ask these students:

Maria Klingelhoefer, sophomore, Amherst

Alpha Omicron Pi

“What makes UNK Greek life so special for me is the sisterhood and having a support system of girls who will back me up. And it gets you involved on campus and takes you out of your comfort zone.”

Fabian Chacon, sophomore, Cozad

Phi Delta Theta

“It’s a second family away from home. It’s another support system I can rely on if I need anything. If I need help with schoolwork or in my personal life, I know they’ll always be there for me.”

Alex Hoatson, senior, North Platte

Alpha Phi

“Greek life helps us do so many things on campus and within our community. It helps us get involved and pushes us to excel academically. The genuine friendships you make will last a lifetime.”

Brady Deprez, junior, Omaha

Delta Tau Delta

“UNK Greek life is so much different than other universities. We’re really together as a whole. That’s what I love about Greek life here. You’re not only part of your group, you can branch out and meet other people, too.”

Kylie Johnson, senior, Omaha

Alpha Xi Delta

“It’s a great network so I know I’ll have a lot of connections after I graduate. All the sisters are really supportive and they encourage me to pursue opportunities I might not have considered without that support system.”

Corey Johnson, senior, Kearney

Sigma Phi Epsilon

“We’re just a great bunch of people who come together for a cause. I’ve grown and defined myself a lot more in the fraternity, learning how I can help people and discovering passions I didn’t even know I had.” 

Brooke Benck, freshman, Columbus

Gamma Phi Beta

“I really wanted a sorority of girls who supported me and got me involved. I found it here. I’m really excited for the future.”