Kearney’s Baldwin Park a favorite spot for soccer-loving Khalid Alrasbi

Khalid Alrasbi – Alwafi City, Oman

Major – Management information system with minor in multimedia

Year in School – Sophomore

Family – Father, Said Alrasbi; Mother, Fawzia Alrasbi; Sisters Shatha Alrasbi, 23, Saja Alrasbi, 18, and Togha Alrasbi, 12; Brothers Abdullah Alrasbi, 17, Hamed Alrasbi, 15, and Raised Alrasbi, 10.

Khalid Alrasbi of Oman serves food at UNK's International Food and Cultural Festival. (Photo by Todd Gottula, UNK Communications)
Khalid Alrasbi of Oman serves food at UNK’s International Food and Cultural Festival. (Photo by Todd Gottula, UNK Communications)

Hobbies/Interests – Playing soccer, playing PS4, editing and recording videos, taking and editing pictures, design editing, watching soccer, fan of Real Madrid C.F. and Liverpool F.C.

What is something about yourself that few people know? I didn’t speak any words until I became 4 years old, but now I can speak three different languages. I also got a new drone. I’m really enjoying doing videos with it.

How did you make the decision to come to UNK? According to my scholarship, our Embassy chooses for us. After passing good grades in high school, I studied one year at UNO then I transferred to UNK. It was my dream to study abroad, especially here in the U.S., in order to get experience with a great degree, so I worked hard in high school in order to get this scholarship.

What is your favorite thing about the Kearney community? Everyone is friendly and kind and always has a warm greeting with a big smile.

What is your fondest memory of UNK so far? Our national day event, as UNK gives us the chance to share our culture and celebrate our national day and feel like we are back home. Also, becoming part of the Sustainability Committee, which is an organization here at UNK for recycling projects and helping the community.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your time at UNK? When people don’t understand how it hard it is learning a language and being able to communicate with it, because they don’t experience it.

What advice do you have for other international students considering UNK? Just keep working and always try to do new stuff to get experience in it. Always be in touch with your family and old friends back home.

Your favorite place to visit in Kearney? Ted Baldwin Park, because I get a chance to meet new friends, also meet with my old friends and play soccer there and have fun.