MY LOPER LIFE: Van Dorn turns class assignment into thriving business, Savage Ruthless

Corey Van Dorn, Savage Ruthless

“I started this company after an assignment in my marketing class that asked us to write about how we would market a product. I decided to create 24 shirts that said “Savage Ruthless” on them, and then live out the assignment for real by promoting them on Snapchat.

The shirts all sold within four days and people wanted me to make more. Over the next several months I expanded my product line to hoodies and hats, some with different sayings on them. I connected with a friend in Ithaca, New York, who ordered 166 items from Savage Ruthless and sold them all over campus. I even partnered with a local bar owner who helped me create a “Savage Ruthless Night” every Thursday at Nicks on the Bricks.

Savage Ruthless has sponsored amateur and pro fighters. We now have a website, social media, a staff of designers, and we just keep growing larger and larger, selling products across the country.

A big part of this company is giving back. I have donated money to the American Cancer Society and we have given away hoodies to homeless people in New York City.

I’m grateful for the opportunities UNK has provided and the lessons learned that have helped grow Savage Ruthless from a classroom assignment to a thriving business.

The mission of this company is live life a certain way. Live life to the fullest, be courageous, and don’t hold back with anything that you do. You cannot be scared to take risks. You have to live life the Savage Ruthless way.”  #MyLoperLife

Corey Van Dorn  |  Senior  |  Exercise Science  |  Kearney, Nebraska

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