UNK halts Loper license plate campaign, will return money

Loper License PlateKEARNEY – After a 10-month campaign, University of Nebraska at Kearney is halting its campaign to generate a special Loper license plate. The 170 prepaid applications generated fell short of the 250 needed to put the plate into production at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Kelly Bartling, assistant vice chancellor for communications and community relations, said refunds will begin going out today to the 170 applicants.

“We know many will be disappointed that we didn’t meet the minimum, but we understand it’s a tough process and tough economy,” Bartling said. “There are many other ways for fans to show their Loper pride, and we know they’ll continue to do that.”

One-hundred seventy fans, alumni, students, faculty/staff and others from across the state applied for the specialty plates, beginning last September.

“We’re extremely appreciative of everyone who participated and thankful especially for the enthusiasm and pride voiced for UNK,” she said.