Haishi Cao to give ‘Detection of Fluoride’ talk at Nov. 1 seminar

Haishi-Cao-RotatorWHAT: Something Interesting with Lunch Seminar

TITLE: “Detection of Fluoride ion (F-) by Using Fluorescence Approaches”

TOPIC: As an important anion, fluoride (F-) plays very different roles in chemical, biological and medical processes, including industry pollution, therapeutic reagent for osteoporosis and dental protection reagent. The bio-functions of fluoride, which could be beneficial or poisonous effect, significantly rely on its dose and concentration. The Health and Human Services (HHS) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed the recommended level of fluoride to be 0.7 mg/l in drinking water.

Overtaking fluoride may cause toxic effects, including skeletal fluorosis, damage to kidney, liver and brain. Therefore, developing a simple and reliable method for quantitative detection of F- is highly desired for understanding its functions. In our group, several reaction-based fluorescent chemosensors have been synthesized and investigated for quantitative detection of fluoride in different media.

PRESENTER: Dr. Haishi Cao, associate professor chemistry

TIME: 1 p.m.

DATE: Tuesday, Nov. 1

PLACE: Student Union, Cedar Room

CONTACT: Barb Wayman, College of Natural & Social Sciences, 308-865-8518, waymanbl@unk.edu