Shane Stover receives Employee Achievement Award for May

Shane Stover, assistant director of recruitment technology for admissions, is recognized by UNK Staff Senate with the Employee Achievement Award for May. Stover has been employed at UNK since 2006.

The Employee Achievement Award recognizes staff for exemplary service and notable contributions to their department and UNK community, embracing an attitude of teamwork, commitment to excellence, contributing to high staff morale and other notable awards or recognition on and off campus.

Stover-Shane-webComments from those who nominated Stover:

“Shane is one of the most dedicated employees I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He works remotely for the Admissions Office, which means his home is his office, which offers so many unique challenges – one being that he can’t ever leave work. Because he can’t leave work, he is always on call, answering questions from parents, students and from those of us at the office as well.
“Recently, his son had a tragic accident, but Shane continued to work while at the hospital. Then when his son came home, Shane would work with Matthew at his feet in order to get things done. His dedication to his work and his son are unwavering, and deserve to be recognized.”

“Shane’s work with New Student Enrollment is incredibly thoughtful and diligent. He is constantly trying to find ways to make the process better and more streamlined, for not only our incoming students, but for staff and faculty working during NSE as well.
“Basically he is like magic when it comes to scheduling the right students on the right days for NSE. He makes sure that no load during the day is too heavy and because of this attention to detail, he makes the NSE day run so smoothly. He also schedules every single NSE and transfer day registration, and if something isn’t quite right, he will reach out to the student/parent and make sure that they are comfortable with any and all changes. His customer service always goes above and beyond the call of duty, and I want him to know that this does NOT go unrecognized.”

“Shane is incredibly good at working by himself, which is why he can work remotely from home. However, he never forgets that he is still a part of a big admissions team and takes the time to come to Kearney often and Skypes/calls in whenever he can. He is the cog in the admissions wheel, and the team would have a difficult time functioning without him.”

“He loves UNK and wants to see UNK be the best at recruitment, and he will do all that he can to make that happen. Although he may not be on the “front lines” as an Admissions Counselor any more, he is still and always will be a recruiter for UNK. Without Shane’s incredible work with Talisma, the admissions office would function, but it would not function with as much ease in communication, or logistics.”

“I love it when Shane is in town because he just brings a spark to the office. His unique & quirky personality is just what the office needs, and he always leaves us all in stitches with his stories. He is constantly making an effort to meet and chat with as many people that he can during his time on campus, and with each interaction he leaves things better than he found them. He is thoughtful and innovative and helps others do the same when he works with them.”