Kim Seitler receives Employee Achievement Award for January

Kim-Seitler-Rotator_ppKim Seitler, assistant registrar for the Student Records Office, is recognized by UNK Staff Senate with the Employee Achievement Award for January.

Seitler has been employed at UNK since 2011.

The Employee Achievement Award recognizes staff for exemplary service and notable contributions to their department and UNK community, embracing an attitude of teamwork, commitment to excellence, contributing to high staff morale and other notable awards or recognition on and off campus.

Comments from those who nominated Seitler:

“Kim is a very conscientious employee and works hard to make other people’s jobs easier. Whether it is by offering one-on-one training, writing reports to streamline the collection of data or making improvements to MyBlue, she is always trying to help others on campus. She truly works in the spirit of collaboration, fostering relationships, and developing creative solutions that impact all of us.”

“UNK has a great number of people who make significant contributions to their department and students they service, but few positions have the responsibility of impacting the work of the entire campus. Kim Seitler is one of those individuals.”

“Kim has the unique job of working behind the scenes every day to make what each of us does easier. Most recently Kim had the thankless job of developing and testing the newest applications and modifications for MyBlue. Kim, in concert with the NeSIS team in Lincoln and the UNK ITS portal administrator, crafted the first focused enhancement to MyBlue for staff. Kim spent countless hours meeting over a 9-month period with developers, testing and re-testing the system and making adjustments to text, branding, functionality and transitions. In essence, Kim has helped increase productivity across campus and decreased employee frustration of a system that was a bit cumbersome.”

“Kim works everyday on behalf of all of us to improve our interface with primary systems. At the point where the new dashboard was moving to production, she woke up at midnight on Nov. 16, logged onto her computer, and tested the system as it went live on the campus. She did this for those of us on the other end, still sleeping, so we would have a smooth start to our Monday. In this role, Kim had to choose various views – mimicking different users, to ensure that the system was functioning correctly and would be ready for use at 8 a.m. by the masses that rely on this system daily.”

“Her commitment to excellence is demonstrated by the quality work she provides every day.”

“I cannot express to you how much easier so many of my tasks have gotten since this upgrade, but more importantly Kim has always been there to help me when I needed to extract information from the system for our department. It is pretty special and unique when you can find a person who speaks both the language of the programmer and the language of the end user. Kim provides that for us.”



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