UNK philanthropy class giving $10K to Buffalo Co. nonprofits

KEARNEY – The philanthropy class at the University of Nebraska at Kearney will distribute $10,000 to area nonprofits who develop and implement a program to benefit the community.

The Community Enrichment Grant is funded by The Learning by Giving foundation to expand students’ philanthropic activities and experience. This year’s grant will be given to nonprofits within Buffalo County in four focus areas:

  • Education – expand educational opportunities in the community;
  • Health – promote the general well being of individuals;
  • Mentoring – enrich the lives of individuals with new relationships; and
  • Poverty – alleviate fiscal hardships.

While $10,000 is available, funds will be allocated to maximize community impact in amounts between $500 and $2,500.

The UNK capstone course — “Marketing 388, Philanthropy: Learning to Give” — is in its fourth year of giving the funds to central Nebraska nonprofits. Capstone courses let students explore across disciplines while demonstrating high-level abilities prior to entering their careers or graduate school.

Sri Seshadri, professor of the course, said students develop multiple skills by the large amounts of teamwork required in grant distribution, negotiations and decision making.

“This is a unique experience for students in not only understanding the needs of the community, but also having a positive impact on mitigating those needs,” he said.

The application deadline is Nov. 1. Grant recipients will be announced and recognized Dec. 10 at an awards ceremony at the Museum of Nebraska Art.

For more information on guidelines or to apply contact Miranda Neumann at 402-640-0693 or visit: www.unk.edu/academics/marketing/philanthropy-page.php



The Learning by Giving Foundation seeks to advance the next generation’s understanding of philanthropy by providing the financial, technological, and intellectual tools to experience community impact and to make that knowledge widely accessible through an online forum.


Campus News: Todd Gottula, Director of Communications, 308.865.8454, gottulatm@unk.edu
Student Contact: Miranda Neumann, 402.640.0693, neumannmm@lopers.unk.edu
Faculty Contact: Sri Seshadri, 308.865.8190, seshadris@unk.edu

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  1. Donation to nonprofit organizations is great. Students have many ideas and great potential but not always able to find funds. The Learning by Giving solves this need and the feedback would be great.

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