Stephen Amundson given Faculty Senate Distinguished Service Award

KEARNEY – Stephen Amundson is the 2014 recipient of the Faculty Senate Distinguished Service Award for service to Faculty Senate at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Stephen-Amundson-WEBGiven since 1999, the annual award is given to past or current faculty who “demonstrate honor, integrity and seriousness” while serving on Faculty Senate.

Amundson joined UNK in 1992 and is an industrial technology senior lecturer. A Faculty Senate representative since 2009, he has dedicated his career to serving the students and community of UNK.

Amundson and his wife, Barbara, are strong supporters of Loper athletics, including the Loper Backers club. He chaired the Writing Intensive and Culturally Diverse committee that successfully removed the designation from courses, has been a leading promoter and planner for the World Affairs Conference, and has spent countless hours promoting international education in Kearney and abroad.

“There is not a better promoter and advocate of the University of Nebraska Kearney,” Associate Professor of Marketing and Management Informations Systems Ross Taylor said when presenting the award. “(Stephen) not only teaches leadership and management to students, he teaches it to all of us. He shows us by his actions what it means to have servant leadership.”

The Faculty Senate Distinguished Service Award was launched by former chemistry professor David Clark following the death of David Stevenson in 1997. Professor Stevenson was a member of the history department for 30 years and served as secretary of Faculty Senate and chair of the General Studies Committee.

He was a spokesperson for the ideals of intellectual discourse, who challenged peers to live up to academic values in a way that demonstrated decency and civility while engaged in rigorous debate. Stevenson was a loyal senate supporter and strong believer in the principle and practice of shared governance, which is the core of the Faculty Senate’s mission.
He wrote a satirical review following each meeting called the “Hamster Wheel,” where he reviewed the meeting and also lampooned the foibles of the Senate.

Past Award Recipients
1999: Robert Young and Dale Zikmund
2000: Ann Young
2001: Annabell Zikmund
2002: Kay Hodge and Roger Davis
2003: Daryl Kelley
2005: Rick Miller
2006: Martha Kruse
2007: Bill Wozniak
2008: Scott Darveau
2009: Larry Theye
2010: Daren Snider
2011: Mark Hartman
2012 – Aaron Dimock
2013 – Scott Darveau
2014   Stephen Amundson


Writer: Todd Gottula, Director of Communications, 308.865.8454,
Contact: Dr. A. Ross Taylor, Department of Marketing and Management Information Systems, 308-865-8347

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