Peer Health tobacco-free survey results reported

UNK’s Peer Health Education survey from Feb. 26-27 resulted in 1,381 for, to 710 against, on the question of supporting a “100 percent tobacco-free campus.” 2,091 surveys were returned out of 7,052 students.

The question was: “Are you in favor of a proposal for a 100 percent tobacco-free UNK being presented to the Chancellor’s Cabinet for a policy to be created at the University of Nebraska – Kearney?”

Students were surveyed via email.

Kelly Bartling, assistant vice chancellor for Communications and Community Relations, said the survey was initiated by students, and how a report or proposal is drafted and presented to Chancellor Doug Kristensen is up to the student group.

The Peer Health team began exploring a tobacco-free initiative in 2012 after learning student opinions from a national health survey at UNK indicated support for a tobacco-free campus. With support from the Buffalo County Tobacco Free Coalition and UNK’s Health Education Office, the Peer Health student team initiated the campaign.

UNK’s Clean Air Policy currently prohibits tobacco use in UNK facilities or vehicles, and within 10 feet of entrances or work sites on the grounds (in the open air). Similar policies are employed at UNO and UNL, except that UNL has at least two buildings with larger “halos” or smoke-free zones around the entrances. University of Nebraska Medical Center has been tobacco-free since 2009.


4 thoughts on “Peer Health tobacco-free survey results reported

  1. It is good to see student-led initiatives being taken seriously by university administrations. A bit more context for the surveys reported would be helpful, however; less than a third of the surveys sent out were returned, but what percentage of students were surveyed is not clear to the outside reader. Also, the lack of nuance in the question asked by the survey is somewhat telling; there is peril in the implied dichotomy.

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