Heather Wolf, Assistant Director for Student Activities, 308-865-8523

Students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney demonstrated their talents in front of judges and their fellow students on Saturday in the Nebraskan Student Union.

Five out of the six winners this year featured singing, playing musical instruments or both. The judging was broken down into two categories—solo performances and group performances. Solo prizes for first, second and third place were $200, $150 and $50, respectively. Group prizes for first, second and third place were $300, $200 and $100, respectively.

The first place winner in the individual category was Hongyue Yao of China who played the Chinese pipa. The second place winner was Morgan Lynn Tracy of Bradshaw, who sang and played the piano. The third place winner was Lanny Fuller of Kearney, who sang and played the guitar.

The first place winners in the group category were Austin Edghill of Ord, Jared Flodman of Lincoln and Tyler Hileman of Overland Park, Kan., who performed as a band with a combination of singing and instruments. The second place winners were Robert Carson of Kearney and Fuller. The two sang with guitar accompaniment. The third place winners were Chang-min Choi of Seoul, Korea, and Donghyuk Shin of Seoul, Korea, who performed a popping-style dance.

The event was sponsored by the Loper Programming and Activities Council (LPAC).