Dr. Ting-Lan Chen
UNK Department of Music and Performing Arts, 308.865.8041

“Balancing Act,” the third annual Violin/Viola Workshop, will be held for string students and teachers on Saturday, March 31, at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

The workshop, which is open to string teachers and students, grades six – 12, is being hosted by Dr. Ting-Lan Chen, UNK associate professor of music and performing arts. The workshop will begin at 1 p.m. in the UNK Fine Arts Building. Sessions will take place in the UNK Fine Arts Recital Hall and in Room 262

Pre-registration is required. Teachers or students must mail or e-mail the registration form to Dr. Chen at 2506 12th Ave., Kearney, Neb., 68849, or chent1@unk.edu by Friday, March 16. The registration form is available on the UNK music department website, http://www.unk.edu/fah/music.aspx?id=58291, and on the workshop brochure. Individuals may request a workshop brochure by calling Dr. Chen at 308.865.8041.

“The reason that this year’s workshop carries the title ‘Balancing Act,’ is because playing violin or viola requires a tremendous amount of effort to maintain physical balance, and only by having the physical balance can a violinist/violist achieve a better performance,” Dr. Chen said. “I have several students experiencing hand and arm injuries this year, so I feel especially close to the topic.

“In addition, last year many participants indicated in the workshop survey that they want me to teach off-string techniques, and good off-string techniques require delicate finger, hand and arm balance, which ties to the essence of the first session and the overall theme of the workshop this year.

“There will be two pedagogical sessions at the workshop,” she added. “One focuses on physical balance to achieve better tone production. We will use some training equipment during the session. The second is about off-string techniques, including spiccato, sautille and ricochet.”

After the two pedagogical sessions, a masterclass will be held, at which participants will perform and receive critique from Dr. Chen. The masterclass is open to the public.

“Our department is able to offer this free outreach, educational event, because the event is supported by the UNK Program for Excellence Fund,” Dr. Chen said.

“Our goal is to provide string education,” Dr. Chen said. “Most of all, many of the participants are potential UNK students.”