Dr. Ting-Lan Chen
UNK Department of Music and Performing Arts, 308.865.8041

Thornton String Quartet and the Violin/Viola Studio will be performing in a String Concert on Friday, Nov. 11, at the University of Nebraska at Kearney Fine Arts Recital Hall.

The performance, which is free and open to the public, is at 7:30 p.m. and directed by Dr Ting-Lan Chen, associate professor of violin and viola. Eleven string students will perform six solo works and four chamber pieces.

“The program covers music from various eras: baroque, classical, romantic and the 20th century that highlights the singing and virtuosic abilities of violin and viola,” Dr. Chen said. “One specific chamber piece, performed by two violas, will be assisted by double bass. This is a rare original composition written for this instrumentation.” The piece is composed by Florian Leopold Gassmann from the Classical period.

The Thornton String Quartet, which was established in the fall of 2004, has represented UNK in several important events including the United Nations President Installation Ceremony. Quartet members are selected through competitive auditions, and each receives a $3000 scholarship annually. The scholarship is funded by UNK alumni.

This year there are five students who have been selected for the quartet, but only four perform together. At times, they are subdivided into different small groups such as duets and trios.

“UNK students who have advanced performance abilities in violin, viola and cello are welcome to audition for this elite student chamber ensemble,” Dr. Chen said.

Nancy Curry, a UNK music staff member, will provide piano accompaniment.

The performers are listed alphabetically by hometown.

Violin/Viola Studio

Kearney- Megan Krueger, violin
Lincoln- Katie Lamb, violin
Norfolk- Natalie Hall, violin
Omaha- Ann Castater, bass

China- Dan Yu, piano

Thornton String Quartet

Lincoln- Jennifer Zumwalt, violin; Spencer Wolfe, viola

China- Xiaojun Liu, violin

North Dakota
Bismarck- Eric Jensen, viola

Oklahoma City – Cindie Reneau, violin