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Dr. Phyllis Markussen, University of Nebraska at Kearney emeritus professor of family studies and interior design, will give the summer commencement address at 10 a.m. ceremonies on Friday, July 29, in the Nebraskan Student Union Ponderosa Room.

Receiving degrees will be 187 students, of which 76 will be receiving undergraduate degrees and 111, graduate degrees.

Dr. Markussen, who served as the chair of the UNK Department of Family Studies and Interior Design for eight years, was a member of the UNK faculty for 22 years. During that time, she received numerous state and national awards. In 2010, she received the Innovation, Development and Entrepreneurship Award (IDEA), a university-wide award which honors faculty members who have extended their academic expertise beyond the boundaries of the university in ways that have enriched the broader community.

She also received the Leland Holdt/Security Mutual Life Insurance Distinguished Faculty Award in 2009. The award, which is the most prestigious faculty award at UNK, recognizes outstanding teacher-scholars for achievements that bring substantial credit to the university. The activity areas considered include teaching, research and service, with preference given to candidates who demonstrate high accomplishments in all three areas. Further, Dr. Markussen received the first place award from the American Society of Interior Designers in the Historic Preservation Category for her redesign of the Nebraska Governor’s Mansion Kitchen and Butlers Pantry.

She was inducted into the National Kitchen and Bath Association National Hall of Fame in 2004 and received the organization’s National Merit Award in 1997.

While at UNK, Dr. Markussen received numerous campus recognitions, including the Outstanding Teaching Award from the College of Business and Technology, Honorary Faculty Member from Phi Eta Sigma, Profiles in Excellence, Outstanding Teaching Award for the College of Business and Technology from the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce University Relations Committee, Outstanding Professor Award from the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences in 1993, and she was nominated for the Pratt-Heins Award for Teaching Excellence. She also received numerous research grants including $105,000 for program enhancement in 2009 and $210,000 for a Rapid Prototyping Laboratory in 2005.

Dr. Markussen’s students also received numerous awards including the National Kitchen and Bath Association Outstanding Student Award and a finalist in the National Kitchen and Bath Association National T-shirt Design Competition.

Dr. Markussen has served nationally and within Nebraska for the National Kitchen and Bath Association, and as a design competition judge for Bath and Kitchens Magazine International Kitchen Design Competition in 2001, which was held in New Jersey and London, England.

The title of her presentation to graduates will be “It’s Your Choice.”

The Friday ceremonies will open with the National Anthem, performed on the saxophone by Christopher Gugel ofAmherst. Lenore Hollis Yaeger of Ann Arbor, Mich., will give the graduate reflections. UNK Chancellor Douglas Kristensen will give the welcome, and Kent Schroeder, University of Nebraska Board of Regents, will give greetings on behalf of the board. Dr. John Hertner, professor and chair of the Department of Biology, will serve as Grand Marshal.

For those unable to attend the commencement in person, the event will be available as a webcast. The information for the webcast is located on the UNK homepage, or by visiting In addition, individuals on campus can view ceremonies via Campus Cable TV, Channel 2.

The graduates are listed below in three groups: graduates from Nebraska, graduates from across the United States and international graduates. Nebraska graduates are listed in alphabetical order by hometown. Out-of-state graduates are listed in alphabetical order by state. International graduates are listed in alphabetical order by country.


NOTE: Abbreviations that appear in the listings, and what they represent, are as follows:

Undergraduate Degrees:
BA – Bachelor of Arts
BAE – Bachelor of Arts in Education
BS – Bachelor of Science
BSE – Bachelor of Science in Education
BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts
BGS – Bachelor of General Studies

Graduate Degrees:
EDS – Education Specialist
MA – Master of Arts
MAE – Master of Arts in Education
MS – Master of Science
MSE – Master of Science in Education
MBA – Master of Business Administration

NOTE: Subject abbreviations in listings include:

ADMIN, Administration; BIOL, Biology; BUS, Business; CHEM, Chemistry; COMM,
Communication; COMP, Comprehensive; CONST, Construction; DEVEL,
Development; DIST, Distribution; ECON, Economics; EDU, Education; ELEM,
Elementary; EMPH, Emphasis; END, Endorsement; ENVIR, Environmental; GEO,
Geography; INDUS, Industrial; INFO, Information; INTERP, Interpretation; MARK,
Marketing; MATH, Mathematics; MGMT, Management; MOD, Moderate; PHYS,
Physical; PROD, Production; SCI, Science; SECOND, Secondary; SCHL, School;
SOC, Social; STU, Students; SP ED, Special Education; SYS, Systems; TECH,
Technology; THEA, Theatre; TRANS, Translation; VOC, Vocational.    

NOTE: HONORS. Students graduating with honors have the honors and
selected honors organizations noted after their names.
 Honors, along with the
grade point averages necessary to earn those honors, include: summa cum laude,
3.90-4.00; magna cum laude, 3.80-3.89; cum laude, 3.70-3.79; and honorable mention,
3.50-3.69. Honors organizations and the designations listed after students’ names
include: Honors Program (H), Mortar Board (MB) and Phi Kappa Phi (PKP).                                                                                                                                            ——————————————————————————–


Ainsworth        Kenneth        Lohmeyer        BS        Aviation Systems Management Comp        Honorable Mention
Amherst        Joshua        Bauer        BS        Health Science
Arapahoe        Jonathan        Stoye        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Arlington        Ann        Jamison        MAEd        Special Education
Auburn        Tammy        Blobaum        MS        Biology
Auburn        Rebecca        Slick        MA        History
Aurora                Timothy        Elge        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Bellevue        Margaret        Forgét        MS        Biology
Bertrand        Jennifer        Kaps        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Blair        Kimberly        Johnson        MAEd        Special Education
Broken Bow        Allison        Jonas        MAEd        School Principalship PK-8
Burwell        Scott        Anderson        BS        Exercise Science Fitness and Wellness Comp
Burwell        Kathryn        Croy        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Burwell        Nathan        Piper        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Butte        Rebecca        Mathine        BS        Exercise Science
Cedar Bluffs         Amy        Widman        MSEd        Speech Language Pathology
Clarkson        Mikayla        Faltys        MSEd        Speech Language Pathology
Cody        Marsha        Osburn        MAEd        Special Education
Coleridge        Alexis        Ferris        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Cozad        Lindsey        Zimbelman        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Crawford        Lenita        Roberts        BS        Recreation, Park and Tourism Management Comp
Creighton        Lori        Ehrenberg        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Creston        Emily        Wemhoff        BA        Jour: Public Relations        Magna Cum Laude
Crete        Katie        Hollman        BS        Exercise Science Comp
David City        Christopher        Hein        MSEd        School Counsel Student Affairs
Elm Creek         Jade        Meads        MAEd        Physical Education
Elwood         Britney        Zeller        BS        Exercise Science        Magna Cum Laude        H, PKP
Fairbury        Paul        Smith        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Falls City        Danitra        Crofford        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Falls City        Hayley        Milam        BS        Psychology        Summa Cum Laude        PKP
Fort Calhoun        Kathleen        Tinkham        BFA        Visual Communication and Design Comp Magna Cum Laude        MB
Fremont        Brett        Meyer        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Fullerton        Lisa        Shotkoski        BS        Radiography Comp
Geneva        Dirk        Coon        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Gering                Kayleigh        Brunner        MAEd        Reading PK-12
Gering                Cody        Flower        MAEd        Physical Education Exercise Science
Gibbon        Nolan        Porter        BS        Sports Administration Comp
Glenvil         Rebecca        Dumler        BS        Health Science
Grand Island        Ethan        Cordes        MS        Biology
Grand Island        Catherine        Cure        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Grand Island        Martin        Levinson        MAEd        Physical Education Master Teacher
Grand Island        Tyler        Madison        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Grand Island         Keely        Nelson        BS        Business Administration Comp
Hastings        Kyle        Bruna        MBA        Business Administration
Hastings        Kahsaandra        Lawson        MAEd        Special Education
Hastings        Ashley        Ohlsen        BS        Business Administration Comp
Hayes Center        Lacey        Bouc        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Holdrege        Trent        Benjamin        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Holdrege        Zachary        Gressett        BGS        General Studies
Humphrey        Travis        Wegener        BS        Physical Education Comp
Juniata        Dale        Rusher        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Kearney        Jasmin        Addy-McGinnis        BGS        General Studies
Kearney        Edrees        Al Drees        BS        Industrial Technology
Kearney        Sandra        Anthony        MA        English
Kearney        Ann        Carlson        BAE        Vocational Business 7-12        Summa Cum Laude
Kearney        Christopher        Davis        BS        Exercise Science
Kearney        Lisa        Donovan        MAEd        Physical Education Master Teacher
Kearney        Cathy        Eshleman        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Kearney        Randy        Hemmer        BS        Criminal Justice Comp
Kearney        Skylar        Hinrichs        BS        Business Administration Comp
Kearney        Jerald        Johnson        BS        Telecommunications Management Comp
Kearney        Gregory        Johnston        BS        Sports Administration Comp        Summa Cum Laude
Kearney        Meesha        Lopez        BS        Exercise Science
Kearney        Miles        Margritz        BM        Music Comp
Kearney        Brooke        McGee        MA        History                PKP
Kearney        Aloma        Moncrief        BS        Aviation Systems Management Comp
Kearney        Martha        Montanez Diaz        MS        Biology
Kearney        Kara        O’Connell        BS        Exercise Science        Honorable Mention
Kearney        Cynthia        Ostrom        MA        English
Kearney        Joni        Reisinger        MSEd        Community Counseling
Kearney        Nancy        Roberts        MSEd        School Counseling Secondary
Kearney        Jane        Searcey        MAEd        Reading PK-12
Kearney        Michael        Wedge        BS        Business Administration Comp        Honorable Mention
Kearney        Jason        Willard        MA        English
Kearney        Leul        Yoseph        BS        Construction Management Comp        Honorable Mention
Kennard        Calleen        Harper        BS        Exercise Science Comp
Kimball        Ryan        Birdwell        BS        Exercise Science
Lexington        Amanda        Harvey        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Lexington        Erin        Heineman        MBA        Business Administration
Lexington        Trisha        Snell        BS        Family Studies
Lincoln        Levi        Lash        BS        Business Administration Comp
Lincoln        Courtney        Petersen        BGS        General Studies
Lincoln        Kristen        Rosenboom        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Loup City        Mary        Hewitt        MAEd        Reading PK-12
Malcolm        Gabriel        Ratzlaff        BS        Exercise Science         Cum Laude
McCook        Jessica        Peterson        BS        Psychology Comp
McCook        Cherie        Wallace        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Minden        Terry        Dunlop        MSEd        Community Counseling
Minden        Robin        Hollinger        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Minden        Ryan        Wakefield        BS        Exercise Science Fitness and Wellness Comp
Mitchell        Thomas        Swarm        BS        Organizational Communication Comp
Neligh                Susan        Loofe        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
North Loup        Holly        Myers        MSEd        Instructional Technology
North Platte        Timothy        Garth        MAEd        Art Education
North Platte        Michelle        McPherron        MS        Biology
North Platte        Laura        Miller        MAEd        Physical Education Master Teacher
Odell        Steven        Vitosh        MS        Biology
Omaha        Deanna        Anderson        MAEd        Reading PK-12
Omaha        Kathryn        Borgelt        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Omaha        Elizabeth        Caez        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Omaha        Alisha        Harrington        BS        Criminal Justice Comp
Omaha        Stephanie        Jenkins        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Omaha        Elizabeth        Staskiewicz        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Omaha        Julie        Stednitz        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Ord        Alexandra        Neeman        BS        Business Administration Comp
Ord        Lathan        Woollen        BS        Criminal Justice Comp
Scottsbluff        Preston        Stahly        BS        Construction Management Comp        Magna Cum Laude
Seward        Benjamin        Hanika        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Sidney        Megan        Haack        BSE        Communication Disorder        Summa Cum Laude        PKP
Sidney        Jennifer        Veldhuizen        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Springview        Amanda        Stephen        BGS        General Studies        Honorable Mention
St. Paul        Jay        Christensen        MAEd        Physical Education Master Teacher
Superior        Lindsey        Garst        BS        Family Studies
Sutton        Vincent        Friesen        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Sutton        James        Jones        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Trenton        Jacob        Keller        BS        Construction Management Comp
Tryon        Tracy        Ryland        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Valentine        Shannon        Danielski        BFA        Visual Communication and Design Comp
Venango        Samuel        Karash        BGS        General Studies
Wausa        Jonathan        Munter        BS        Recreation, Park and Tourism Management Comp
Wausa        Nathan        Munter        BS        Recreation, Park and Tourism Management Comp
West Point        Derek        Ippensen        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Wilber        Mitchell        Sasek        BS        Exercise Science Fitness and Wellness Comp          Honorable Mention
Wynot        Anne        Stratman        MSEd        Science Education
York        Miranda        Merrill        BS        Business Administration Comp


Florence        David        Messer        MSEd        Instructional Technology

Fort Smith         Christopher        Dorey        MS        Biology

Apple Valley        Margaret Wilson        MAEd        Reading PK-12
Escondido        Raymond        Dann        MS        Biology
Riverside        Derek        Gildner        MS        Biology

Denver        Tiffany        Meidinger        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Fort Morgan        Amy        Windsheimer        MAEd        Reading PK-12
Northglenn        Andrew        Tidwell        BS        Sports Administration
Sterling        Bo        Beardsley        BS        Sports Administration Comp

Athens        Stephanie        Thomas        MAEd        Special Education

Avoca        Amy        Pattee        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Churdan        Anna        Miller        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Des Moines        Casey        Schroeder        MS        Biology
Knoxville        Georgia        Tucker        MAEd        Special Education
Leon        Aaron        Kentner        BS        Recreation, Park and Tourism Management Comp
Sherrill        Ronald        Lindblom        MS        Biology
Tabor        Jeremy        Christiansen        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12

Chicago        Abdou        Karekoona        MS        Biology
Lombard        Stephanie        Huizinga        MSEd        Instructional Technology

Dodge City        Kinsey         Wemhoff        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Hoxie        Tyler        Baker        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Junction City        Allison        Werts        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Ottawa        Amanda        Fields        MS        Biology
Stockton        Douglas        Cooper        MAEd        Physical Education Exercise Science

Springfield        Rachael        Darouse        MS        Biology

Ann Arbor        Lenore        Yaeger        MSEd        School Counsel Student Affairs
Grand Blanc        Nicole        Yambrick        MS        Biology

Blue Springs        Katherine        Clark        MSEd        School Counsel Student Affairs
St. Joseph        Drew        Hoselton        BS        Sports Administration

Greenwood        LaDeidre        Jackson        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction

Monroe        Sara        English        MS        Biology

Arvilla        Janelle        Green        MS        Biology

Broken Bow        Christopher        Gammon        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction

Hershey        Tonia        Lowe        MS        Biology

Greenville        Jay        Mobley        MSEd        Instructional Technology

Knoxville        Amanda        Zachritz        MS        Biology

Amarillo        Gregory        Davidson        BS        Organizational Communication Comp
Keller        Pamela        Buie        MS        Biology

Ashburn        Coleby        Wilt        MS        Biology

Burlington        Erin        Dietz        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction

Beckley        Amanda        Hodge        BS        Broadcasting

Rawlins        Mahvash        Baig        MSEd        Speech Language Pathology
Sheridan        Rochelle        Fox        MAEd        Reading PK-12


ANDORRA        Soldeu        Matthew        Young        BS        Criminal Justice
BAHAMAS        Freeport        Cassandra        Albury        MSEd        Instructional Technology
BAHAMAS        Freeport        Errol        Bodie        BS        Aviation Systems Management Comp
CANADA        Strathroy        Elisha        Plaine        MAEd        Physical Education Master Teacher
CHINA        Gejiu        Xueying        Ma        BS        Business Administration        Honorable Mention
CHINA        Shanghai        Chuanyao        Zheng        BS        Business Administration
CHINA        Xiamen        Michelle        Bowman        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
INDIA                Mumbai        Roopa Chandrasekhar MSEd Instructional Technology
JAPAN        Hamamatsu        Shunsuke        Takabayashi        BS        Sports Administration
JAPAN        Inabeshi        Haruna        Kawasugi        BS        Interior Design Comp
JAPAN        Tendo-shi        Ryo        Tokairin        BS        Biology Comp         Cum Laude
TURKEY        Izmit        Baris        Bicer        BS        Business Administration Comp