Eighth annual UNK Robotics competition set for Tuesday, March 9, in Otto Olsen

Dr. Sherri Harms
UNK Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, 308-865-8123

The CSIS Artificial Intelligence class will be holding the 8th annual UNK robotics competition from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m.on Tuesday, March 9,  in the Nebraskan Student Union, Room

We will follow the competition guidelines for the Midwest Instructional Computing Symposium (MICS) 2010 robotics competition, available at: http://www.cs.uwec.edu/MICS/students/RoboHoopsMICS_2010.pdf

The goal of this year’s contest is to have randomly assigned pairs of robots sweep the basketball court clean of Lego bricks.

Our top placing teams will compete at the regional MICS 2010 robotics competition at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in April.

You are invited to stop by and see our robots in action, but space is limited. If you would like more information on this contest, please feel free to contact me.