Several Miscellaneous But Significant Projects Keep Facilities Plates Full and Spinning

Renee Ballenger

The renovation of Bruner Hall of Science is on time and on budget, Lee McQueen, Director of Facilities, reports. “The Contractor work should be finished in August ‘09, with the completing of the renovation running through the spring and summer semesters. The addition is expected to be complete by December ’09.”

Interestingly, McQueen shares, almost all flat roof repairs from tornado damage across campus is finished; there are insurance issues pending with the roofs of COE and the Frank House before those repairs can begin. The temporary fencing at Frank House will remain until this work is complete

Speaking of which, the Planning phase is complete for the remodeling of a couple of rooms in the Frank House this Spring, and contractors should be on site shortly.

The planning phase has begun for remodeling restrooms on the east side of MSAB. Construction is intended for summer 2009.

The expansion of the Bookstore as well as the resulting transfer and extension of the Multicultural Affairs offices are complete.

McQueen says the sod work between Founders and Nester Hall will be brought to completion as soon as the warmer weather complies.

A capital renewal-upgrade of the fire alarm system and installation of a sprinkler system will take place in the Library this summer.

Sprinkler systems, incidentally, are a driving factor in the Residential Renewal initiative, Mcqueen states. By issue of the Board of Regents, all residential halls living space must have sprinkler systems installed by 2017. “With our current schedule, we will be completed prior to date,”McQueen says. As far as the status of the overreaching Residential Renewal plan, “Mantor is on schedule,”McQueen continues “The demo is nearly complete, and the buildback beginning. The Mantor upgrade is to be complete in July.”

Finally, planning should begin this spring for renovations to Men’s and Randall Hall, McQueen says. This work will include an upgrade in the restrooms, painting student rooms and installation of HVAC and elevator equipment. Construction Men’s will commence in August, and be complete the Summer of ‘10. Likewise on Randall, beginning Summer 2010, at which time, too, Stout Hall will be razed.