UNK Region IV Student Leadership Conference Bringing Nearly 250 Area Fifth And Sixth Grade Students To Campus

Dr. Ed Scantling
UNK College of Education Dean, 308.865.8502

NOTE TO MEDIA: This conference involves children from approximately 50 area elementary schools. Sessions afford exceptional photo opportunities for your coverage. Detailed afternoon session information is at the end of the release. –gn

 The University of Nebraska at Kearney/Region IV Student Leadership Conference will host nearly 250 fifth and sixth grade students from area schools Friday, Nov. 21, according to Dr. Ed Scantling, dean of the UNK College of Education. 

The opening session, a presentation by Character Connex, will take place from 9:45 – 10:45 a.m. in the Nebraskan Student Union Ponderosa Room. 

“The Character Connex presentation is developed specifically to teach good character traits to students,” Dr. Scantling said. Dr. Scantling and Drew Welch, elementary principal from Lexington, are co-directors for the conference which is bringing 360 visitors to the UNK campus for the conference–including students, principals, teachers and parent volunteers. Each principal was able to select five or six outstanding fifth or sixth grade students to bring to the leadership conference.

“Character Connex is a high energy program that captures all the senses, featuring video, skits, puppets, games illusions and audience participation,” Dr. Scantling said. “Character Connex helps students leave with a better understanding  of why honesty, kindness, respect, and responsibility are important traits to exercise and cherish.” 

In the afternoon, the students will rotate among eight stations (see list below) in locations across the campus where they will receive instruction from UNK faculty and staff on a wide range of career, university and leadership topics. UNK personnel participating include: Eve Scantling, HPERLS; Shelley Haberlan, COE; Mary Rittenhouse, Center for Economic Education; Dr. Jose Mena-Werth, physics; Steve Amundson, aviation; Terry Gibbs, aviation; Dr. Bill Wozniak, psychology; Brandon Benitz, Student Life; Gary Schaaf, dance; Mark Wethington, theatre; and Carrie Kracl, teacher education.

UNK Stations 2008

A – Fine Arts Building 109  (12:20-12:40, 1:20-1:40,1:50-2:10)
Gary Schaaf and UNK students present “Take a Chance with Dance” in the Dance Studio, Lower Level.   

B— Otto Olsen Building 220 (12:20-12:40, 12:50-1:10, 1:50-2:10) 
Fly a plane during a simulation and learn about the excitement of working in the Airway Science field with Terry Gibbs and Steve Amundson. 
C—Copeland Hall 330 (12:20-12:40, 12:50-1:10,1:20-1:40) 
Dr. Bill Wozniak will take students on an auditory and visual localization called, “Ears, Eyes and You”.   

D— Bruner Hall 105 (12:20-12:40, 12:50-1:10, 1:20-1:40, 1:50-2:10) 
Dr. Jose Mena-Werth will take youth leaders on a journey of the planets and stars.

E— COE Building 210  (12:20-12:40, 12:50-1:10, 1:20-1:40, 1:50-2:10) 
Mary Rittenhouse, Director of the UNK Center for Economic Education, will involve students in hands-on economics activities

F— Fine Arts Building 213 Near Theatre offices (12:20-12:40, 12:50-1:10, 1:20-1:40, 1:50-2:10) 
Go behind the scenes with Professor Mark Wethington to tour the UNK Theater including backstage, control booth, set and learn about how UNK puts on a theater production.