20 UNK Students Presenting Summer Research Projects Friday, Sept. 12, In The Nebraskan Student Union

Dr. John Falconer
director of Sponsored Programs, 308.865.8496

UNK- Twenty University of Nebraska at Kearney Summer Student Research Program (SSRP) students will present the results of their work at the seventh annual Fall Symposium Friday, Sept. 12, at the Nebraskan Student Union.                                                                                            

“The event is free and open to the public, and will be interesting to community members who want to see the type of scholarly work that UNK students do during their course of study,” said Dr. John Falconer, director of Sponsored Programs. “It is particularly valuable to departments across the campus that are working to strengthen student engagement through out-of-class learning opportunities.”                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Presentations run from 1- 5 p.m. in NSU Ponderosa Rooms C and D. The oral presentations and poster displays will showcase research efforts and creative activities in the fields of biology, business management/entrepreneurship, chemistry, communication disorders, geography, English, exercise science, finance/accounting, management, philosophy, physics, political science and sociology.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

“Many students report developing an interest in research after having seen the work of their peers at this and other conferences and symposiums,” Dr. Falconer said, adding that a survey of leading institutions in Nebraska and other states   indicated that UNK students report more involvement in out-of-class research.                                                                                                      

The Summer Student Research Program begins in May, when the students go on an overnight field trip either east into the Lincoln and Omaha communities or west to North Platte, whichever experiences fit best with their planned research.                                    

According to Dianne Holcomb, UNK assistant director for Sponsored Programs, by late May, the students have begun working in earnest, meeting with their mentors on a regular basis and participating in weekly meetings with other student scholars.                    

“These discussions are meant to foster awareness of research issues outside their major, and may include topics such as research ethics, the use of statistics or the creative process in the arts,” Holcomb said. Research ends by Aug. 1, and students must complete a research paper before the beginning of the new academic year.                

“SSRP gives students an opportunity to work closely with an expert, which gives the students a chance to expand their knowledge of a chosen academic discipline,” she said, “and because the research is independent of the structured classroom setting, students experience the excitement and challenges of applying their knowledge and skills to solve new problems.”                        

The 20 student researchers are listed below, alphabetically by hometown, along with their research project titles and the names of their faculty mentors:

Rachel Usasz-Keber, Albion                                                                                                                        The Effects of Tenure:  Checking Classroom Tenure Abuse                                                                                Mentor:  Dr. Susan Honeyman, English

Elissa Martin, Broken Bow
Multicultural Literature in the Secondary Classroom 
Mentor:  Dr. Susanne Bloomfield, English

Brooke Young, Eustis
Forecasting Cash Flows: A Comparison of Prediction Models Between Industries 
Mentor:  Dr. Laurie Swinney, Finance & Accounting

Emily Vencill, Grand Island
An Employee’s Right to Privacy in the United States:  Before and After September 11 
Mentor:  Dr. Larry Carstenson, Finance & Accounting

John Blecha, Gothenburg
Novel Fluorescent Sensor for Mercury Ion 
Mentor:  Dr. Haishi Cao, Chemistry

Rachael Broadwell, Hastings
Strengths of Single Mother Families 
Mentor:  Dr. Suzanne Maughan, Sociology

Andrew Baumgartner, Kearney
The Fallacies of Fundamentalism: Design in the Mutability of Life 
Mentor:  Dr. David Rozema, Philosophy

Andrew Prososki, Kearney
It “Mite” Be the Right Host:  Phoretic Mite Relationships with Burying Beetles
Mentor:  Dr. Wyatt Hoback, Biology

Matt Morehouse, Lincoln
A Comparative Analysis of the Media, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy in the US and UK:  The Case of South Africa in the 1980s 
Mentor:  Dr. William Aviles, Political Science

Sarah Horst, Mullen
Changes in blood lactate and salivary cortisol concentrations while “exergaming” against a human or computer opponent 
Mentor:  Dr. Greg Brown, Health, Physical Ed & Recreation

Anna Rosberg, Norfolk
Effects of Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) on the Reproduction in Sea Urchins (Lytchinus varigates) 
Mentor:  Dr. Kim Carlson, Biology

Matt Noffke, Norfolk
Characterization of Sub-pixel Variation in the Great Plains
Mentor:  Dr. Mike Larsen, Physics

Chris Hennessy, North Platte
An Examination of Early Automobile Touring Routes in Nebraska 
Mentor:  Dr. John Bauer, Geography

Jessica  McWha, North Platte
Effects of energy expenditure while playing the Nintendo Wii against a human and computer opponent 
Mentor:  Dr. Greg Brown, Health, Physical Ed & Recreation

Danielle Helzer, Ogallala
Poetry in the Secondary English Class 
Mentor:  Dr. Susanne Bloomfield, English

Tim Hruza, Ord
Protecting the Family Farm: Nebraska’s Initiative 300 
Mentor:  Dr. Peter Longo, Political Science

Mike Eiberger, St. Paul
Vocational Business Education: Curriculum & Technology Across Nebraska 
Mentor:  Dr. Janet Lear, Management

Sarah Jensen, Wayne
Family Members Preference of Visual Material Used by Patients with Severe Chronic Aphasia 
Mentor:  Dr. Miechelle McKelvey, Communication Disorders

Rachel Jensen, Wayne
Prose Poetry and Melody: The Influence of Music on the Creative Writing Process 
Mentor:  Charles Fort, English

Angela Reynolds, Wood River
Suits Me 
Mentor:  Dr. Susan Jensen, Business Management

For more information on the summer research program, visit the SSRP web site:  
http://www.unk.edu/acad/gradstudies/ssrp/. Contact Dr. John Falconer or Dianne Holcomb,
SSRP coordinators, at 308.865.8496 for more details on the public symposium.

Symposium Presentation Schedule

Ponderosa Room C 
1:20 Tim Hruza, Political Science
1:40 Rachel Jensen, English/Creative Writing
2:00 Andrew Baumgartner, Philosophy
2:20 Matt Noffke, Physics and Physical Science
2:40 Andrew Prososki, Biology
3:00 Emily Vencill, Finance/Accounting
3:20 Sarah Horst, HPERLS-Exercise Science
3:40 Rachel Usasz-Keber, English
4:00 Rachael Broadwell, Sociology, Geography & Earth Science
4:20 Mike Eiberger, Business Management Ponderosa Room D 
1:20 Sarah Jensen, Communication Disorders
1:40 Chris Hennessey, Sociology, Geography & Earth Science
2:00 Brooke Young, Finance/Accounting
2:20 Anna Rosberg, Biology
2:40 Angela Reynolds, Business Management
3:00 Matt Morehouse, Political Science
3:20 John Blecha, Chemistry
3:40 Jessica McWha, HPERLS-Exercise Science
4:00 Elissa Martin, English
4:20 Danielle Helzer, English