Reynolds Series: Honoring The Sandhill Crane Migration Tribute Retreat Is Set For March 7-15 At UNK

Alison Hedge Coke
Reynolds Endowed Chair, 308.865.8672

Seven internationally recognized writers from divergent backgrounds will converge on the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus for nine days, March 7-15, for the “Reynolds Series: Honoring the Sandhill Crane Migration Tribute Retreat.”
       “In researching the general Kearney area for potential academic, scholarly and creative interests with local phenomena, the migratory return of the Sandhill Cranes was a preeminent opportunity,” said Allison Hedge Coke, UNK Reynolds Chair. The writers will write while they are here and will give readings of both their new and their previously produced works in a series of presentations.  All of the presentations are free and open to the public.
       “Of course, all Reynolds Series events are open to all and are always free of charge to attendees,” Hedge Coke said. “We have something for everyone in this programming and with these uniquely styled and presented events, our hope is to surely satisfy all.” To ensure that the event would be open to the public at no charge, Hedge Coke wrote grants and garnered additional campus support.
       “The writers I am bringing all have a relationship between their literature and cranes,” she said. The authors are a uniquely diverse interdisciplinary group, representing Chinese, Kamentsa, Arhuacan, Kitchua, Mohawk, Muscogee and Choctaw communities.
       “The purpose of the festival is to gather writers from around the world to consider the cranes in retreat in Central Nebraska, and share lectures and readings of previously published and newly written works. The diverse panel of writers includes six individuals indigenous to the Americas and one individual indigenous to China.”
       Opening the series of presentations will be Wang Ping, who was born in China and came to the United States in 1985. A writer of both prose and poetry, Ping will read from her works at 7:30 p.m., Friday, March 7, at the Frank House, which located on the UNK West Campus. She is an associate professor of English at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn.
       For a complete schedule of presentations, visit the Reynolds Writers and Readers Series Website at:
       Community and state sponsorship of the event includes: Nebraska Arts Council, Nebraska Humanities Council, Kearney Area Community Foundation, Rowe Sanctuary, Alley Rose, the Frank House, Terri Lee Schiffrens and the Crane Frame Lodge, the Robert P. Merryman Performing Arts Center and the Museum of Nebraska Art. On campus support for the event includes the Reynolds Series; the Departments of English, Ethnic Studies and Modern Languages; Frank House; and the Offices of Greek & Residential Life and Multicultural Affairs. In addition, there have been anonymous donations. 



Wang Ping, Chinese poet & prose author, Associate Professor, English,
Macalester College

LeAnne Howe, Choctaw poet & prose author, Associate Professor, English, &
Interim Director American Indian Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana

Janet McAdams, Creek poet, Associate Professor, English, & Robert P.
Hubbard Endowed Chair of Poetry

James Thomas Stevens, Mohawk poet, Associate Professor, English, &
of American Indian Studies, SUNY Fredonia

Hugo Jamioy Juagibioy, Kamentsa Nation, Colombia, poet and human rights

Fredy Chicangana, Yanacuna Nation, Colombia, poet and human rights

Johana Marcela Mestre Izquierdo?Aty Janay, Arhuaca Nation, Colombia,
weaver and human rights activist


Honoring the Sandhill Crane Migration Tribute Retreat
& World Affairs Conference
Schedule March 2008

Frank House
*March 7th 7:30?Wang Ping Reading

8th 8:00-Leanne Howe & Janet McAdams Reading

*March 10: Ponderosa C & D    Politics, Indigenous Rights and Poetry
9:05- 9:55 AM        Hugo Jamioy & Fredy Chicangana
*March 11: Ponderosa C & D   2:00     Poetry Reading Hugo Jamioy & Fredy
Keynote Address 7:30 PM    Colombian Guests in procession

Thomas Hall English Dept.
*March 11th UNK 11-11:30
–LeAnne Howe with Dr. Susanne Bloomfield’s students (50) who have studied
Mikko Kings

*TBA Crane Yoga & Writing-Janet McAdams

Global Scholars with Deb Murray: Ockinga Conference Room
*March 12: 12:10-1:15 ?Hugo Jamioy & Aty Janay
Indigenous Colombian Community Arts Projects and Economic Sustainability
Sponsored by the Business & Marketing Programs and the US Department of

Robert P. Merryman Performing Arts Center
*March 13 2:00 Reading and Rowe Sanctuary Film for Children 7:00 Major
Reading for General Public ?James Thomas Stevens, Hugo Jamioy, Janet
McAdams & Fredy Chicangana

Frank House Reading
*March 15th 1:30 Reading
–James Thomas Stevens, Hugo Jamioy, & Fredy Chicangana

Updates and additional forums will follow:

In addition, the authors will be in residence studying the cranes at the
Rowe Sanctuary and in the campus
area, and local poets & authors may also make appearances in addition to
the authors listed, including: Distinguished Martin Chair Susanne
Bloomfield, Kurt Brochard, John Damon, John Damon, Charles Fort (Reynolds
Chair 1997-2007), Charles Peek, and Emeritus Reynolds Chair  Don Welch, CW
Students, Allison Hedge Coke, Reynolds Chair, and others.