The Frank House, Feb. 16th, 1:30 PM: ‘The Frank Men, Leaders of the Abolitionist Movement

KrisAnn Sullivan
Frank House director, 308.865.8284 OR


The University of Nebraska at Kearney presents
Saturday at the Frank House
Feb. 16
Guided Tour: 10:30 a.m.
Program: “The Frank Men: Leaders of the Abolitionist Movement” in the Mansion at 1:30 p.m.
Self-Guided Tour: A self-guided tour of the mansion is available after the presentation.

Saturday’s 1:30 Frank Talk is presented in observance of African-American Heritage Month. Sarah Jones will be
discussing, “The Frank Men, Leaders of the Abolitionist Movement.” The Frank family men were long-time members of the anti-slavery societies in New York. The Honorable Augustus Frank, brother of G.W. Frank (builder of the Frank House), was a U.S. congressman during the Civil War and had major influence in the passage of the 13th Amendment. Join us in the discussion and following self-guided tour of the Frank House.