Student Diplomats Named UNK Department Of The Month For January

Michael Pelster
UNK assistant director of Undergraduate Recruitment, 308.865.8435

The UNK Student Diplomats were named the University of Nebraska at Kearney Department of the Month for January.
           The Student Diplomat team consists of 16 undergraduate students who serve as representatives of the institution. They interact with visiting potential UNK students and their families by leading daily, informative campus tours. They also assist the Undergraduate Admissions staff during the various on-campus recruitment events throughout the year.
           Michael Pelster, assistant director of Undergraduate Recruitment, who leads the Diplomats, nominated the group. 
           “Their contribution to the excellence of the UNK community will be felt for years to come, which is one of the greatest commitments that a group of student employees could make to the campus,” he said. “They have and will continue to influence prospective students’ decisions to attend UNK.”
           The diplomats are listed below alphabetically by hometown:

Aaron Smith
Kole Kugler
Grand Island-
Brad Green, Rachel Hernandez
Heather (Korte) Wolf
Kendra Francke, Erin Sexton, Amber (Nabity) Vlasnik
J. Andy Craig
North Platte-
Mason Doughty
Kristen Brockman, Emma Fahrlander, Jodi Phillips, Elizabeth Thomas
Jessica Blex
Matthew Urkoski