Randal Haack
vice chancellor for Business and Finance, 308.865.8205

Retirees and those who have years of service to celebrate will be recognized at the University of Nebraska at Kearney Celebrating Excellence luncheon this month.
Set for Monday, April 24, at 12:30 p.m., the luncheon will take place in the Nebraskan Student Union Ponderosa Room. Tickets are $8.50 and are available at the Finance Office, located in Founders Hall, now through April 18.
Recognition of retirees will begin at 1 p.m. Retirees are Dr. Kari Anderson, economics; Dr. Jan Barton Zimmerman, economics; Gordon Bennett, geography; Judy Buhlke, Residential and Greek Life; Donna Day, Business Services; Dr. John Dinsmore, art and art history; Dr. Maurine Eckloff, communication; Dr. Jess Enns, sociology, geography and earth science; Dr. Marilyn Hadley, College of Education; Jerry Hueser, physical education, recreation and leisure studies; Jack Karraker, art and art history; Sharon Mason, catalog department; James May, art and art history; Mary Jo Morrow, communication disorders; Dr. Harold Nagel, biology; Jeanne Cutler, coordinator of Academic Publications/Assessment in Academic Affairs; and Leo Schueth, Facilities Management and Planning
Award presentations for years of service will begin at 1:30 p.m. These awards are presented to individuals who have served UNK for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years. Those being recognized for their years of service include:

    45 Years of Service
Jack Karraker, art and art history

40 Years of Service
Dr. Richard Barlow, mathematics and statistics
Dr. Ron Crocker, music and performing arts
    35 Years of Service
     Dr. Robert Cocetti, communication
     Dr. Randall Heckman, mathematics and statistics
     Carleen Jurgensen, health, physical education, recreation and leisure studies
     Dr. Ken Nikels, Office of Graduate Studies and Research
    30 Years of Service
     Randy Bradshaw, Facilities Management and Planning
     Dr. Peg Camp, accounting and finance
     Richard Collins, intercollegiate athletics
     Dr. Richard Lebsack, management
     Dr. Linda Spessard-Schueth, biology

    25 Years of Service
     Helen Burkey, library
     Steven Clevenger, Facilities Management and Planning
     Kathleen English, health, physical education, recreation and leisure studies
     Marilyn Karash, Information Technology Services
     Alta Kramer, library
     Gloria Mason, Information Technology Services
     Michael Nelson, Residential and Greek Life
     Deborah Schroeder, Information Technology Services
     Marsha Yeagley, marketing and MIS

    20 Years of Service
     Dr. Kari Anderson, economics
     Dr. Susanne Bloomfield, English
     Dr. Karl Borden, accounting and finance
     Dr. James Cook, music and performing arts
     Dr. Roger Davis, history
     Dr. Gregory Freeman, teacher education
     Keith Halliwell, Facilities Management and Planning
     Robin Harding, Facilities Management and Planning
     Dr. Akbar Javidi, communication
     Linda Johnson, Office of Graduate Studies and Research
     Dr. Daryl Kelley, sociology
     Dr. Vani Kotcherlakota, economics
     John Lillis, library
     Dr. Thomas Martin, philosophy
     Dr. Max McFarland, counseling and school psychology
     Maurice Moffett, marketing and MIS
     Peggy Nyffeler, health care
     Dr. Elizabeth Peck, English
     Donald Ray, Information Technology Services
     Dr. Lewis Snyder, communication

    15 Years of Service
     Dr. Sylvia Asay, family studies and interior design
     Judy Balcom, mathematics and statistics
     Dr. Larry Carstenson, accounting and finance
     Dr. Lois Flagstad, Student Life Division
     Mary Frew, teacher education
     Robert Gerten, physics and physical science
     Dale Glaze, Residential and Greek Life
     Kim Gronewold, biology
     Shelley Haberlan, College of Education
     Dr. Carol Hudson, teacher education
     Dr. Thomas Jacobson, educational administration
     Brenda Jochum, business and technology
     Patricia Johnson, Business and Finance
     June Kenton, Facilities Management and Planning
     Dr. Ken Larson, industrial technology
     Mary Ann Lawson, business and technology
     Kristi Milks, Office of Academic Affairs
     Howard O’Nele, Facilities Management and Planning
     Mark Panowicz, Facilities Management and Planning
     Dr. Lon Pearson, modern languages
     Cyndi Schroeder, Student Records and Registrar
     Gloria Vavricka, continuing education
     Richard Warnke, Business Services
Dr. Maha Younes, social work

10 Years of Service
Margaret Abels, health science programs
Dr. Marc Albrecht, biology
Dr. Pradeep Barua, history
Michael Bohnhoff, Office of Academic Affairs
Carmen Brewer, Student Records and Registrar
Audry Caldwell, library
Dr. Christopher Extrom, chemistry
Suzanne Extrom, UNK Alumni Association
Dr. Anita Hart, modern languages
Judith Holoubeck, distance education
Dr. Mark Markes, physics and physical science
Timothy McMullen, Information Technology Services
Andrew Meyer, intercollegiate athletics
Glenda Moes, Residential and Greek Life
Tami Moore, family studies and interior design
Dr. Marta Moorman, health, physical education, recreation and leisure
     Dr. Timothy Obermier, industrial technology
     Teresa Osmanski, intercollegiate athletics
     Nadine Panter, social work
     Dr. Dennis Potthoff, teacher education
     Susan Reiber, Museum of Nebraska Art
     Laura Sherwood, communication
     Michelle Smidt, intercollegiate athletics
     Dr. Kenya Taylor, communication disorders
     Dr. Diane Wysocki, sociology, geography and earth science