Ann Tillery

Kristen Brockman, a University of Nebraska at Kearney freshman from Omaha, is one of four students writing online journals based on their college experiences, to be posted on the UNK homepage.  
Brockman’s journal entries focus on the different organizations and groups that she is involved with on-campus.  
As a student majoring in multimedia and minoring in print journalism, Brockman seems to have an innate desire to write. She said she first learned via a university news bulletin about the opportunity to write for UNK’s Web site. She thought the position sounded interesting and decided to pursue it.  
Brockman was chosen to be one of UNK’s online journalists after submitting an application and having a formal interview with the vice chancellor for University Relations and the Office of Communication director.  
Now Brockman’s college experiences can be viewed by anyone on the Internet. She views her journal entries as tools to show the diversity of UNK.
“I want to show that the campus offers something for every type of person,” Brockman said. “I am very involved with different kinds of student organizations on campus, and readers can see that there is a diverse offering of student groups.”  
While she has been recognized as being an online journalist on campus, Brockman considers herself a typical UNK student. That’s why she tries to focus her entries on real situations that a college student may encounter.  
The ultimate goal Brockman has in her journal entries is to educate prospective students.  
“I hope that readers can get an idea about what college is like,” she said. “I also hope that readers can see that they too can find their place here on the UNK campus through the wide variety of activities and organizations available.”  
The other three UNK online journalists are Nathan Andreesen of Ord , Monica Fuentes of Holdrege  and Kevin Wait of Ogallala . To view any of these online journalists’ entries, log-on to www.unk.edu, and click the “online student journals” photo at the top-left corner of the UNK homepage.