Ann Tillery

Ogallala native Kevin Wait recently began writing journal entries based on his college experiences to be posted on the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s Web site.
Wait is one of four UNK students selected to provide detailed logs and photos of their college lives to be uploaded to the university’s homepage. He tends to write about classes and events on-campus.  
As an exercise science major, one wouldn’t expect Wait to gravitate towards journalistic projects, but Wait delivers a Greek flavor to UNK’s online journals.  
“I think the unique perspective I offer when looking at the other three journalists is that I am the only Greek writer,” Wait said.
“I think that for me, my experience with my fraternity has enhanced my college years a great deal,” he said. “I try not to abuse that, because I realize that Greek life is obviously not for everyone, but I want people to be aware of the great things that are offered from a fraternity, as well as the bad.”  
Wait said that his journaling steers clear of exaggeration and puffery. He explained his honest journaling when he said, “The message I want my readers to get is just a real-life impression of what it is like to be a college student on UNK’s campus. I don’t want to lie in my articles and make things sound a lot better than they are for marketing sake. I try to mix things up a little and talk about some of the bad things a college student endures while in Kearney, along with the good things. Hopefully, that is noticed and appreciated.”  
When describing what aspects interest him the most to write about, Wait pointed out that he tries to provide high school students with the information that he thinks they would want to collect to make college choice decisions, saying that the most important thing that one can learn from his journals is what type of an environment students are immersed in at UNK.
He said that his goal is to accurately portray the different aspects and opportunities within the college campus.
“I really want the prospective students who read these articles to get a good impression of everything that goes into being a college student and what this campus has to offer,” Wait said.    
The other three UNK online journalists are Nathan Andreesen of Ord, Kristen Brockman of Omaha  and Monica Fuentes of Holdrege .
To view any of these online journalists’ entries, log-on to www.unk.edu, and click the “online student journals” photo at the top-left corner of the UNK homepage.