Ann Tillery

Ord native Nathan Andreesen is one of four students currently writing online journals based on their college experiences for the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s homepage.  
One thing that a number of prospective college students can relate to with Andreesen is his search for a major. He presently has no major course of study. Consequently, his journal entries appropriately involve the personal day-to-day activities of college students more than classes.  
Andreesen, a freshman at UNK, was selected to be one of the online journalists after submitting an application essay. He said he decided to apply for an online journalist position, because he likes to write and thought writing for the UNK Web site would be a good way to be involved on campus. As part of his journals, he recounts the events that happen in his collegiate life from week to week.  
Andreesen thinks of himself as a typical UNK student, and he believes that prospective students can get a feel on what it’s like to be a student at the university.  
“The most important thing that someone can learn from my journal entries is that UNK is made up of great people and experiences,” Andreesen said.  
Life in the residence halls and classes are the aspects Andreesen said interest him to write about in his journals.
“For the most part, I know all of the guys on my floor and hang out with quite a few of them. Whether we are playing video games, watching movies, bowling or playing intramurals together, we always have a good time,” he said.  
Andreesen’s journaling has garnered him some recognition on-campus. “I have been recognized by a few students and teachers, but I haven’t been asked for my autograph yet,” he said with a smile.
The other three UNK online journalists are Kristen Brockman of Omaha, Monica Fuentes of Holdrege and Kevin Wait of Ogallala .
After he finishes his journal drafts, Andreesen loads his entries and the pictures he captured to the UNK homepage. To access Nathan’s journal and the other online journalists’ entries, log-on to www.unk.edu and click on the “online student journals” photo at the top-left corner of the homepage.