Ad-PR Club Offers UNK Students Networking Skills Vital to Career Success

Dr. Ruth Brown
associate professor, Department of Communication, 308-325-1111 or

In today’s highly competitive job market, success is often measured by the smallest detail, something that sets one apart from everybody else. The Advertising and Public Relations Club at the University of Nebraska at Kearney is an organization that focuses on those details, giving members a glimpse of what they can do in college to market themselves for their career, according to Dr. Ruth Brown, UNK professor of communication and Ad/PR Club adviser.

Though the organization attracts mostly journalism and communication majors, Dr. Brown said that the club could benefit any student.

“I just don’t understand why everybody’s not in it,” Dr. Brown said. “This is an organization that prepares students for resume building, job interviews, internships and networking.” With a requirement of just one communications class, the organization is open to anyone with an interest, she added.

Annual dues are $35, but according to Dr. Brown, membership into the club can really pay off.

“We bring in both locally and nationally recognized speakers. We offer career day opportunities, locate internships and get students acclimated to networking for themselves,” she said.

Through fund-raising each year, namely by selling candles, members are almost always guaranteed full registration to any career show or event available to them, she added.

Ad/PR Club at UNK is affiliated nationally with the American Advertising Federation, which grants students opportunities to participate in national competitions and apply for AAF-sponsored internships. Among those who have taken advantage of
internship opportunities is Eriica Wendland of Oshkosh, who interned at the Los Angeles Times.

Ad/PR Club officers, listed below alphabetically by hometown, include:
Bloomfield – Karri Thunker, President  
 – Dustin Foged, Treasurer  
Grand Island
 – Zach Houdek, special projects director  
 – Devon Flint, vice president of internal relations; Mike Nyffeler, first vice president  
 – Chris Araujo, vice president of external relations  
 – Anne Cady, second vice president